How to consult the driving license points on the Internet

How to check the remaining points of the driving license on the Internet

The points driving license has been in operation for many years. But maybe some of you don't know how many points you have right now on your license. It is normal, unless we are fined regularly, it is not something that we are consulting every day. However, imagine that they have given you a fine that you did not know about and they have taken your points away. It is worth checking how many points we have from time to time. Luckily, this can be done conveniently from home over the Internet. Let's see how to consult the points of the driving license online .

The Electronic Headquarters of the DGT website allows us to consult the points of the driver's license through the Internet. Specifically, it gives us three options to do so: with Cl @ ve, with a Digital Certificate or with a username and password . Let's see what each of the methods consists of.

Check the points of the card using Cl @ ve

The Cl @ ve system is a common platform for Public Administrations aimed at unifying and simplifying electronic access to public services . Its main objective is that we can identify ourselves to the Administration by means of agreed passwords (user plus password), without having to remember different passwords to access the different services. Basically it is a complementary system to the DNIe and digital certificates.

To use Cl @ ave we have to register for the service . We can do it either in person, in one of the registry offices attached to the system, or online, using a recognized electronic certificate. Once registered and when we have activated the access codes, you will be able to use them in all the electronic administration services that are integrated with the system. Among them we have the consultation of the points of the card.

how to consult key points of the card on the Internet

If we are already registered in Cl @ ve and we have the access data, we can use this system to consult the points . To do this, we will enter the DGT Electronic Headquarters and select "Points Query" in the menu on the right. At the bottom of the screen we will have the three accesses available. We will select "Consultation of points with Cl @ ve" and, on the screen that you have in the image above, the option we prefer. When we registered, they should have provided us with both the PIN and the permanent Cl @ ve.

Check the points of the card using the DNIe

Another option is to make the inquiry using an electronic certificate. Perhaps the most common is the DNIe, since almost everyone has it. The problem is that we will need a DNIe reader to be able to use it .

how to consult card points on the Internet DNIe reader

In addition to the DNIe reader, we will need to remember or have written down the keys for the certificate that they gave us at the time . If we do not remember them or do not have them, the only way to get them is to go to a renewal point for the DNIe certificate.

Now, if we have the DNIe 3.0 and a mobile with NFC, the necessary applications are already available to use the DNIe from the mobile . We have to search the official repositories for the apps developed by CNP-FNMT. Specifically, for the consultation of points we are interested in the DGT Example application.

how to check card points on the Internet DGT Example

We have not been able to test it as it does not have DNIe 3.0, but in the description of the app it does indicate that we can consult the points through it and using the NFC of the DNIe 3.0 to identify ourselves .

Check the points with username and password

The last option we have is to make the query using username and password . If we do not have that username and password, we can request it through the DGT website. To do so, we will click on "Request access code to consult Points balance".

Of course, here it will ask us for a series of data to identify us. The first step will be to place our ID and the date of issue of the driving license. Once identified, the system will ask us for an email. This is where they will send us the access codes.

how to check card points on the Internet mail

When the system confirms the data, the password and user will be sent by email . Using this data we can access the system and change the password. Once the password is changed, our personal information and the points we currently have will be displayed.

It is possible that, when requesting the password, you get an error "C15: The user is not registered as a driver in the system." . If so, you will have to use one of the other two methods.