Skype is down, how to fix service problems

Skype is down, how to fix service problems

If you have Skype and use it often to make video calls, you may have experienced problems in the last few hours. A major bug has been detected whereby a good number of users would be having difficulty connecting to Skype normally.

There are still few details about the incident, but it is clear that for a couple of hours, the number of affected users has grown considerably. Although Microsoft has not offered any information in this regard, everything indicates that users who cannot connect have something in common: they have updated Skype this March .

After updating the program, when opening the application and trying to connect, a message appears that reads: " Skype could not connect ".

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How to fix Skype problem

Some users propose solutions through different social networks. One that seems to work is to go back to the previous version . It's about rolling back the update we've already installed and there's only one way to do it. We propose the following:

1. The first thing to do is uninstall the latest version of Skype .

Before proceeding to the next step, we recommend that you enable hidden folders. To achieve this, you must first access the Windows Control Panel> Folder Manager> View . Select the option See hidden files and folders and click OK.

2. Now we can continue. We are going to search for older versions of Skype . To do this, go to This PC and then go to (C :)> Program Files> Program Data> Skype.

3. Inside the Skype folder, we will find a large number of folders with different numbers. All you have to do is access one of the folders that has a date before this month of March . If possible, choose one of the most recent.

4. In the folder you have chosen you will find a file called “skype.msi” . Click on it and install the version. Remember not to update when Skype recommends it, because the problem will return.