How to sign up online for TV contests like Boom or Pasapalabra


To those of us who are already an age and were fans of TV contests, we knew that, in order to be eligible to compete in any of them, we had to send a letter. Yes, a letter, with our personal data and, perhaps, some labels of products that sponsored those contests. Times have changed a lot and now, obviously, we don't need to write a letter and being able to access our favorite TV shows is easier than ever.

Whether you want to compete in the roulette of fortune, as in Pasapalabra, Boom, Now I fall or Saber and win , this information will be very useful. We are going to tell you what you should do to try to go on TV and win a prize or, in the worst case, have a fun time. We started!

The wheel of luck

lucky roulette (2)

One of the longest running contests on television and that refers to the classic game of hangman. Three contestants must solve certain panels, discovering letters, and throwing a roulette wheel in which they will uncover various bonuses and obstacles. To compete in The roulette of luck you have to fill out an online questionnaire in addition to recording a video in which you show why you are interested in participating in the program. The requirements are simple, not having participated in the program before (since 2006), being of legal age and having habitual residence in Spain. In addition to the form and the video, you must attach three photographs, one full body, one of the face and one with a funny pose. Good luck!



The youngest contest of all that we are going to talk about today. Presented by Juanra Bonet, it has the honor of being the contest in which a group of contestants has lasted the longest. This is the quartet of 'Los lobos' that have been trying to win the millionaire jackpot more than 300 programs. And they are still undefeated. If you are one of those who wants to try it, you will have to ask three other friends to join you in the fight. When you have the group formed, call  905 446 446  and follow the instructions of the speech. The maximum cost of the call from landline is 1.45 euros and if you call with your mobile it will be 2 euros.

To know and to win

to know and to win

In another of the longest-running cultural contests on current television, presented by the ineffable Jordi Hurtado, there is still the possibility of participating by post at paragraph 32223 of 08080 Barcelona. But the best thing is to fill out this newsletter or send an email to saberyganar [at]

Pass word

pass word

Now we are going with a mythical contest on the Telecinco channel. If you are skilled in this of words you can try to solve the donut and take the millionaire jackpot. To participate in this contest, all you have to do is call a phone number, 806 51 42 55 . If you call from your mobile it will cost you a maximum of 1.57 euros and from a landline 1.21 euros.

Now I fall

now I fall

And finally we focus on the fun contest presented by Arturo Valls in which a central contestant opposes a whole wheel of opponents, afraid of falling into the void if they fail a question. To participate in 'Now I fall' you must fill out an online form or call the telephone number 905 44 63 03. Obviously, we recommend the first option, as it is free. And now to wait for the casting call!