New wave of fake SMS from Mediamarkt giving away an iPhone

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We announced it a month ago and today they are again the subject of news on social networks. Fake Mediamarkt SMS have returned to the fore, and this time under an alleged raffle for an iPhone 11, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max. Another wave of messages says that “we have been chosen in the MediaMarkt raffle” with a multitude of technological gifts as prizes. Of course, both are false, and we will explain below some formulas to find this type of scams and scams.

Fake MediaMarkt SMS are back in the news: no, you haven't won a raffle

Many users are reporting at this very moment the receipt of several SMS that supposedly come from MediaMarkt .

As some affected people claim, the message in question varies depending on the sender. And it is that while some announce gifts of the brand of the bitten apple , others say they are giving away technological products for participating in an alleged raffle of the German subsidiary of the Ceconomy group.

"Dear Customer:

On November 12, your name was chosen as the second winner of our November raffle. See details here: Click link. "

Another variant of the scam mimics the movement of fake Post SMS. Apparently, the reception of a package is simulated at the nearest MediaMarkt office .

Good morning, Victor:

Your order was delivered on 11/12/2019 at the collection point. See where you can pick up your packages: Link. "

As we have anticipated at the beginning of the article, no message sent under the identity of MediaMarkt belongs to the German group . The store's own official account on Twitter has confirmed this through a statement through the following tweet:


Our customers have informed us of different fraudulent SMS with order / gift shipments that have been sent on behalf of MediaMarkt. #StopPhising

- MediaMarkt Spain (@MediaMarkt_es) October 16, 2019

What is the objective of these types of scams? Commonly known as phishing , most of the methods consistent in this practice try to deceive the user by impersonating a reputable page. When we click on the link in question, the page will take us to a website very similar to MediaMarkt's .

In general, the linked page will encourage us to fill out a form that we will have to fill in with our personal data or the data of our bank account or credit card. Once the data reaches the server, it is collected by cybercriminals to obtain financial gain: make purchases online, withdraw money from the account ...

How to avoid falling for these types of scams

If you have received any of the SMS publicly denounced by network users, it is best to delete its content and block the sender .

fake sms mediamarkt

Some layers of personalization have an option that allows us to block the reception of SMS . Just access the SMS in question and click on the three Options points. Then we will go to the option to Block number and confirm the operation.

If we have clicked on the link attached with the SMS and we want to know the authenticity of the page, we can verify that the domain of the website corresponds to the domain ; nothing from , or .

New wave of fake SMS from Mediamarkt that promise you an iPhone 1

We can also buy if there is a green padlock on the attached address like the one we can see on the image.