Gearbest, is it reliable to buy in this Chinese online store?

Gearbest, is this Chinese online store reliable?

Gearbest is, together with Aliexpress and Wish, one of the largest Chinese online stores today. Like these last two, the question when buying at Gearbest lies in whether it is reliable or not, especially because of its origin and the low price of the products it offers. Products that mostly correspond to mobiles, smartphones, tablets, accessories and even computers. All at a low price and subject to a supposed one-year warranty from the store. Is Gearbest Really Reliable? What opinions do those who have bought through Gearbest have? We see it below.

Are Gearbest Payments Safe? Do you support PayPal?

Yes and yes. In addition to supporting the payment of products through PayPal, a method that we recommend from, Gearbest has a payment gateway with an encrypted connection that will hide the information on our cards from anyone who carries out a computer attack.

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Regarding card payments, the store accepts Visa and MasterCard cards .

How long does it take for Gearbest shipments to arrive in Spain?

Like any store of Chinese origin, shipments are made by plane or ship to the country of destination. The average shipping time, therefore, usually ranges between two and three weeks , although as Gearbest mentions in its own terms and conditions of use, there may be external factors that delay the shipment.

In case of opting for fast shipping, the normal time is that the maximum time does not exceed seven business days , although from we totally discourage this type of shipment, since it is most likely that it will be intercepted at Spanish customs and we will have to pay the respective amount corresponding to VAT on the value of the product.

I have ordered a product and it does not arrive, what do I do?

If we have placed an order and it has not yet been shipped from the warehouse or does not arrive, we can contact Gearbest through the following link. If the payment has been made through PayPal, we can open a dispute through PayPal.

Can I cancel an order on Gearbest?

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As long as the product has not left the warehouse, we can cancel any shipment without any additional charge through this link or this other by completing the respective information. If the product has been shipped, then we will have to resort to the store's guarantee, which we will talk about below.

Does Gearbest have a warranty?

Today, the Chinese store offers four types of guarantee that depend on the state of the product and the origin of your request:

  • 30-day Dead on Arrival Guarantee : a damaged or dysfunctional product can be returned within 30 days of receiving the product, which we can exchange for a similar product at no cost. We can also choose to receive a full refund.
  • 30-day Unconditional Return Guarantee : for unused and unopened products, a full refund of the amount of the product may be requested, although the shipping costs in this case are not refundable.
  • 45-day Money- Back Guarantee : if the product is damaged or dysfunctional, a refund of the total amount of the product may be required after returning it. Shipping charges on this occasion are borne by the customer.
  • Warranty 1-year repair : all products will have a one-year repair warranty in which all damages arising from the date of purchase will be covered as long as they are not caused by third parties.

Gearbest reviews

To answer the question of whether Gearbest is reliable, what better way than to refer to the TrustPilot website, where the opinions of all the customers who have bought in the online store are collected.

Positive Gearbest reviews

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Negative Gearbest Reviews

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So is Gearbest reliable?

From our shopping experience we can say yes . It may be the case that shipments take longer than normal or they get stuck at one point. Added to this is the linguistic barrier when contacting the web for an incident in the shipment or the product, although the company tends to respond positively. 

The best way to avoid any kind of mishap when buying at Gearbest is to make payments through PayPal and select standard shipping . It is also recommended to record the entire opening process of the received package to avoid future problems.