The funniest congratulations to say goodbye to New Year's Eve and welcome in the New Year

The funniest congratulations to say goodbye to New Year's Eve and welcome in the New Year

2018 is coming to an end to make way for 2019. New Years Eve is the time to be with the family and welcome the New Year, but if for some reason we cannot share that night with our loved ones we can always congratulate them with a message. We have compiled the most original, funny messages that we have found so that you have a wide range to choose from. If images are your thing, we also have memes and GIFs to send on such a special night. Now all you have to do is choose the message that you like the most, copy it and send it to your loved ones.

2018 in Spain has been a very busy year so why not try to reconcile all sides for at least one night. With this phrase you have guaranteed laughter or a blockage in WhatsApp.

At 00:00 on December 31, 2019 begins in almost all of Spain. One hour less in the Canary Islands and two hours less in Catalonia. Happy New Year to all!

On December 31, as soon as the bells end, the mobiles will burn with the congratulatory messages. If we want to save time, we leave you a template message that works for anyone on our contact list. It is not the most personal, but better to congratulate in some way than not to congratulate.

Hello everyone, this is a personalized message that I send to you / you / you / you / you. Happy New Year!

New Year's Eve is the penultimate family reunion in Spain, there is less to finish with the obligations of these holidays. We will not have to put up with the brother-in-law on duty for much longer or those relatives who only know how to ask if we have a partner, because of the race.

Notice to the entire population: the simulation of peace and love has ended. Save the prawns, insult your in-laws and brothers-in-law and dissolve. HAPPY NEW YEAR!

If we have a family member that we don't like very well, we can send them a double meaning message to start the year being honest. You never know, you may even find it funny.

The police are looking for a beautiful, sexy, charismatic and incredibly good person in bed. You, of course, are safe, but I… Where am I hiding? Merry Christmas and New Year 2019!

Among so much joke we also have to give the option of a sincere congratulation and with good intention. Use this message for the most important people in your life and wish them a year full of happiness.

We cannot forget the mistakes, but from each lesson we are filled with wisdom. May happiness await you in this year that begins!

We put sincerity and seriousness aside and go back to laughing. With this congratulation you will leave anyone who reads you confused. You have to enjoy 2019 and the word enjoy has never been used in a better context.

Right now in this country there are: 66,000 people making love, 15,820 are finishing, 19,965 are starting, 28,819 are in full pleasure and there is only 1 reading messages. SHAKE UP !! - Happy New Year!

In every group of friends there is a revolutionary who joins all the causes there and to be . If you want to reach his heart while having a laugh, here is the perfect greeting for that person.

Please accept, without any obligation on your part, both explicit and implicit, my best wishes for an environmentally sustainable, socially supportive, generically neutral, nationally plural, politically correct, ideologically transversal and civilizationally equidistant winter vacation, practiced according to the traditions of your religious option, or your secular option, with absolute respect for all different religious or secular traditions, or for the absence of them, as well as a fiscally successful, personally satisfactory and medically unaltered entry, in the period of time known as the year 2018,according to the generally accepted calendar in our cultural environment without this implying neglect towards other calendars of other cultures whose contributions to society have helped to build Western Civilization, which does not mean that it is considered better than other civilizations, and without these wishes establish any distinction for reasons of color, creed, race, opinion, age or sexual orientation of the congratulated or congratulated.

To be honest, we are all fed up with the end of the year congratulations messages, but at the same time we love them. For those of you who find yourself in this situation we have the best possible message.

Boycott “Happy New Year” messages, Pass it on!

What would life be without family and friends? Surely it would be very boring, so at this time you have to remember them, even if it is on WhatsApp.

As God made the distribution of abilities, He gave me a choice between loving my friends and family or having a good memory. So Happy Easter and Happy 2017.

When a new year begins, we are always loaded with resolutions and we seek to find everything that we could not achieve the previous year. For those people who make lists of purposes this is their message.

May this new year find happiness, health, love, money, peace and everything you need. And what you can't find, look it up on Google.

Politics cannot be absent in these parties and more with the right increasingly united. But you have to take everything with humor, so if we want to anger our family member or political scientist friend, here you have the appropriate message.

I wish you for the last time a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year before Pablo Iglesias comes to power in 2019 and expropriates these capitalist holidays.

The ñoñería and the double meaning cannot be absent on these dates, if we have someone who likes the messages ñoños and lives in a world of pink. This message is correct.

I wish you for 2019 a good magician who with a good wand and many magic powders will make your life very happy. Happy New Year!

We have given you many options to choose from, so choose wisely and get your New Year's greetings right . From your expert we wish you a prosperous New Year.