Samsung WB800F, compact camera with superzoom and WiFi

Samsung WB800F

Some time ago that Samsung has become a reference when it comes to next - generation cameras. Last year, the Koreans presented one of the most revolutionary cameras of recent years, the Samsung Galaxy Camera , and this 2013 they want to start it with interesting news. The Samsung WB800F is a good example of what you can ask of a compact camera of this generation: Good sensor, good lens and wireless connections.

What is most striking about this camera is the lens. It is designed for fans who like to play with the zoom, and the telephoto lens that it equips allows a great journey in this regard. It has 21 increases, which in traditional photography we would translate as a 23 - 483 mm lens. Having this type of lens is a compact camera was relatively strange until very recently, but today it is increasingly common to find it, so Samsung is forced to include something else in the camera to continue making it attractive.

And that something is the WiFi connection. Although it is true that many brands already offer this option, it is the Koreans who are getting the most out of it. A camera with WiFi can be a source of possibilities or a way to uselessly increase the price of the set. The key is in the amount of things that can be done with this option, and that is where Samsung has known how to play its cards well. It plays in their favor that the Koreans make much more things than cameras, and they know that the key is to connect the devices.

Samsung WB800F

We first find the options that seem logical: transfer the photos to the computer without cables, or upload them to social networks or cloud storage platforms as soon as we get home and turn on the router. But the key is that the connection is also useful when we are not at home, and that is that a camera is not designed to be on the living room table, but to go out with us on a trip.

For that we have the Samsung Smart Camera application . This app is downloaded for free on the brand's phones and allows you to link the camera with the mobile. In this way, the camera can use the mobile's 3G connection to upload photos anywhere. It also turns the phone into a camera “peripheral”, and can be used as an auxiliary display when recording video or as a remote trigger.

The Samsung WB800F has a 16.3 megapixel sensor, which is more than enough for the vast majority of photographers, unless we are thinking of wallpapering building facades with our photos. It can record video in Full HD quality and it will be sold in three different colors. The rear screen is three inches diagonal, and allows you to operate many of the camera functions by touch.

At the moment we do not have an official price for Europe or a launch date. What we do know is that it will be sold in the United States for $ 300 and will be available, at least in this country, throughout the first four months of 2013.

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