Samsung Galaxy S6 battery problems are Google's responsibility

samsung galaxy s6 01

Have you noticed that your Samsung Galaxy S6 , shiny and fresh out of the box, has little autonomy? After its launch, the experience of users around the world has been mixed. On the one hand, there are those who experience a more than remarkable duration , a full day at full capacity. On the other hand, those who cannot enjoy their new equipment for more than two hours . There is clearly some kind of problem preventing your Samsung Galaxy S6 from running at a decent energy rate. But where is the cause of this incidence? The Business Insider media has submitted the Samsung Galaxy S6to various tests to test its performance. The result has certainly been surprising. The reason why the battery of some Samsung Galaxy S6s does not perform as it should has little to do with the design of the equipment, nor with the TouchWiz interface, nor with the Quad HD screen nor with the size of the battery. Where, then, does this problem lie?

Google Now

As we told you, the Business Insider team has been investigating until they have found the real reason why the Samsung Galaxy S6 does not have enough autonomy. Apparently, after having carried out all kinds of tests, those responsible for this test deactivated Google Now , the Google assistant . The result was that, with this assistant turned off, the battery life of the Samsung Galaxy S6 shot up to 36 hours on a single charge. It is a more than decent autonomy for a device with these characteristics, with which, in addition to carrying out daily tasks and being connected to the networks, music had been played in streaming. It is true that for now it has not yet been possible to verify that indeed, Google Now is the cause of the battery problems that users of the Samsung Galaxy S6 are experiencing . What is clear is that the incident has little or nothing to do with the work of the Samsung team .

Despite that, if you have a Samsung Galaxy S6 and have noticed that the battery of the phone does not last what would be normal and desirable, it might be interesting that you try to disable Google Now . If you see that this simple trick works, you have found a solution (even if it is temporary) to this issue. If the problem finally has to do with Google Now , because Samsung and Google confirm it, the correction should come in the form of an update, surely in a complementary version of Android or higher.

To disable Google Now , do the following:

1) Access Google Now as usual or click on the search bar that you will find in the Google widget .

2) Next, click on Menu and select Settings .

3) Within this section, you will have to choose the option to Disable .

In the meantime, you can share your experience through the comments. And you, have you experienced problems when using your Samsung Galaxy S6 ? Have you tried disconnecting Google Now ?