How much does it cost and how to repair the screen of an iPhone 8

How much does it cost and how to repair the screen of an iPhone 8

Today we told you that Apple has launched the update to iOS 11.3. An update that leaves the iPhone 8 unable to use all those users who have repaired it outside the official channels . After installing this data pack, device owners have realized that they can no longer use the phone.

Your iPhone 8 doesn't respond to your usual touches or gestures . This is, once again, a restriction imposed by Apple. She did it with the fingerprint sensors and with the iPhone 7 repaired outside the technical services of the house. Although in their day they had no choice but to turn back.

Repairing the screen of an iPhone 8 can be quite expensive . Hence, many users, tired of spending astronomical figures on their iPhone (it can cost 890 euros), decide to opt for other unofficial repair services. In some cases the repair may cost less than 100 euros. And this is a considerable saving, if we compare it with the prices that are handled in the technical service of Apple.

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How much does it cost to repair the iPhone 8 screen in the official store

Apple support offers its customers the ability to repair a cracked or broken iPhone screen . Prices can vary considerably, depending on the model we have in hand. For example, it is not the same to repair the 4.7-inch screen of the iPhone 8, than to fix a broken glass of an iPhone X.

You must bear in mind that the prices specified by Apple and which are available in its entire network of official stores refer exclusively to damage to the screen . In the event that the equipment presents other damages, even if they are motivated by the same incident, they will have to be paid separately.

You should also know that most accidental damages (which on the other hand, are always the most common) are not covered by the guarantee. So the user will have no choice but to scratch his pocket . This is always the case, unless technicians observe that the breakage is caused by factory damage, which is certainly much less common. In these cases, the Apple warranty will save us and the Consumer Protection Law will protect us.

  • If you need to repair the screen of an iPhone 8, you will have to pay 181.10 euros .
  • If what you want is to repair the screen of an iPhone 8 Plus, the cost will be 201.10 euros .

Keep in mind, on the other hand, that if you need to send the device to repair (that is, you cannot take it yourself to a physical store), it will be necessary to pay the shipping costs: 12.10 euros . Thus, the resulting cost of repairing the screen of an iPhone 8 would be 193.20 euros; and an iPhone 8 Plus, for 213.20 euros. All prices are inclusive of VAT.

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How to start a repair

If you want to repair the screen of your iPhone 8 , it will be necessary that as soon as possible you put it in the hands of an Apple technical service. From there they will be able to assess the repair in a more specific way and tell you if, indeed, the prices indicated above are those that correspond to this repair.

If you decide to take the device for repair to an Apple Store, you will have to make an appointment . On the other hand, they may not be able to do the repair right there. And that they should send your iPhone 8 to an Apple repair center. In that case, you can most likely have it ready in a week.

Within the help page for repairs, select the option Take it to repair. From here you can find a nearby official service provider and make a reservation at the Genius Bar so you can go as soon as possible.

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If you prefer to send your iPhone 8 for repair , choose the Send for repair option. They will send you a box to pack the equipment and send it directly to the Apple Repair Center. It may take about a week to repair.