You just have to do this to get 60GB for free if you are a Lowi customer

You just have to do this to get 60GB for free if you are a Lowi customer

Lowi has different mobile line plans so that users can choose depending on how much they consume due to their circumstances. For example, a user who goes from home to the office every day, and who only goes out on weekends without giving much prominence to the mobile, with 5 GB may have enough. While users who play with their mobile phones away from home or travel a lot, they should hire a higher rate, with 25 GB of mobile data.

Of course, during the summer the circumstances of the people change. We are less at home, less in the office (especially when we go on vacation) and data consumption increases. Perhaps in this case 5 GB of it seems insufficient. Even 25 GB. This year Lowi has reactivated its bonus data extra, where they give customers of the Low-cost operator up to 60 GB of data to spend. So you can get them.

What requirements must be met to have the Lowi 60 GB?


The 60 GB of extra data is free , you just have to activate it before September 15, which is when the promotion ends. They can be activated from today, but if you think you don't need them, you can let them pass and select the option the month you go on vacation in order to make the most of the 60 GB. Of course, you must meet a couple of requirements.

  • Be a Lowi customer : at least have a mobile or fiber + mobile line with the operator.
  • Have requested a portability : either before or during the promotion.
  • Be registered in the Mi Lowi app: it is available on both iOS and Android.

In this case, new customers are excluded . That is, those who register with Lowi during these dates with a new phone number. Yes, the bonus will be applied to all those new customers who bring their phone number from another operator.

How active?

Very easy: enter the My Lowi app with your mobile number and password. As soon as you enter you will see a voucher with the possibility of activating the 60 GB for free. Click on the notice and in a few minutes you will have the 60 GB bonus available. If you dismiss it, when you log back in, the notice will likely appear again. In any case, you can also go to the 'promotions' section to activate it.

First, the 60 GB of the data voucher will be spent and then the GB that you have contracted in your rate. Don't worry if you don't spend the entire bonus in one month, the rest will still be available the following month.