Do you want to sell your mobile? 7 websites to get the most money

You want to sell your mobile.  7 websites to get the most money

With the arrival of new smartphones from the most important brands, it is very likely that you want to change your old device, for a newer one that offers you more advanced features. Selling your old phone can be a great idea to get the new device for less money. We present you the best websites, where you can sell your old smartphone to get the most money possible.

To get the most money possible for our terminals, the best we can do is sell it directly to interested individuals . In this way we will prevent a store from acting as an intermediary between us and the future buyer. The main drawback of this type of sales is that you will have to deal directly with potential buyers, and it must be said that many of them are not too serious.



eBay is one of the main Internet sites for the sale of second-hand products between individuals. All you have to do is upload your product to the platform , putting a description as detailed as possible, as well as several photos where the product can be seen perfectly.

You can also indicate if you want to make a direct sale, or if you prefer to opt for an auction system , in which several users will bid to offer you the highest amount of money.

One drawback of ebay is that they have a commission system per publication and per sale made. You can advertise your products for free, although you will be limited in the number of photos you can attach. The advantage is that you can claim in case of scam.



Wallapop has become the most used Internet platform for the sale of products between individuals . It is a kind of completely free community, where different users advertise their products, and users interested in buying it contact them with their integrated chat system.

By using this service, you will save the commissions that eBay wants to charge you to put your products in the best possible way on their platform. The downside in this case is that there is no system of moderators to act as backup in case of a possible scam, although this is something that you should take more into account if what you want is to buy, and not sell.

Specialized forums

On the Internet you will find a multitude of specialized forums, as well as more general forums, which offer a section for the sale of second-hand products . These forums are usually all free, so you will not have to make any investment to participate.

In some cases, there are certain requirements to access the buying and selling section, such as having made a certain number of publications in your community. The objective of this measure is to try to avoid users who enter this section of sale, with the sole objective of scamming people.

Vibbo and MilAnnouncements

Vibbo and MilAnuncios are two websites totally specialized in the sale of second-hand products between private users. Both portals remain completely separate from transactions, so that you will not be able to make any kind of claim in case of scam.

All you need to know to start selling in them is to create an ad as detailed as possible for your product. You can select if you want users to contact you by phone, or by email.

Phone House

Phone House Removil

If we want to speed up the process, we can resort to selling our terminal to a store instead of to an individual. In this way everything will be faster, although in return we will get less money.

Phone House is a store specializing in the sale of mobile phones , which has establishments throughout Spain, so you will have no problem finding one of its stores near the area where you live.

Its Remóvil system is quite interesting, for users who want to sell their current terminal, to be able to afford a new one more easily. Phone House will buy your device from you and then resell it in the store.

Phone House will not offer you the maximum amount of money for your phone, but in exchange you can sell it in a very simple way and with the certainty that you will not be ripped off. Another advantage of their service is that they also buy devices that do not work, as they will repair them themselves.



Zonzoo is another excellent alternative that we have, when we want to sell our current phone to a store to invite headaches, and have to deal with users. In this case they also buy devices that do not work.

Logically they will offer you a greater amount of money if the phone works perfectly, and if it is free. To sell the terminal, you will have to enter its IMEI number and the operator . Obviously the latter will not have to indicate it if it is a free phone.

Its collection service is free for orders over 10 euros. You will receive the payment in your bank account approximately 30 days after they have received the device.

Cash Converters

cash converters

Cash Converters is another establishment for the sale of second-hand products that is very widespread in our country . If you live in one of the main cities in Spain, you will have no problem finding one of these stores.

Cash Converters that allows you to sell your products both to your physical customers and through the Internet through its Express Sale service .

In a period of approximately 24-48 hours you will receive a response from the platform with an offer. The service reserves the right to vary the price, after one of its specialized technicians has reviewed the product.

They also offer a free product collection service , so you do not have to travel, although in this case surely the most attractive option is to go to a store, to receive the money immediately. Check their conditions.