Free TV channels with Ahí + TV, is it worth it?

Free TV channels with Ahí + TV is worth it 01

Given the circumstances in which we find ourselves, many operators are offering different services or free improvements to make the quarantine more enjoyable. The last to join this initiative has been Ahí +, a virtual operator that offers mobile lines, internet at home and television, making Ahí + TV available to all. This internet television service  usually has a base price of three euros and can go up to almost thirty if we include all the content packages. I've spent a few hours trying it out and I'm going to tell you if it's worth it.

There + TV, TV channels from mobile or computer

First of all, a few notes to outline the type of user I am. First of all, I hardly watch television, at most The Simpsons at lunchtime and the news afterward. And, it's mostly out of laziness, zapping or looking for something in the guide has become out of date when I have Netflix, HBO, Filmin and YouTube at my disposal. But at the same time, the idea of ​​being able to watch any DTT broadcast from my mobile or computer seems to me the least striking.

Free TV channels with Ahí + TV is worth it 03

But Ahí + TV does not only offer the basic package (regional channels, local DTT and the Betis TV channel), in its free version it includes the telematic channels Insight TV, English Club, Escapa TV and the Pinko adult content channel . The latter having a parental PIN in order to prevent the smallest of the house from accessing this type of content. Content more than enough to pass a quarantine without climbing the walls, now it only remains to see how the platform works and how we access the aforementioned offer. We see it.

There + TV, registration and first steps

If we want to enjoy Ahí + TV for free, we have to access from this link. Clicking on it will open the Ahí + website, we can see their # JuntosSomosMás campaign in which they explain the importance of staying home during quarantine. After reading this we go directly to the registry, it is very well exemplified and it is very visual. There are two steps, the first is the registration and creation of an account, the second step is to access Ahí + TV from the devices we want; I have tried with a desktop computer.

When registering with Ahí + TV, the only thing that doesn't convince me is the amount of data we have to enter, from our ID to our address and through our contact number. Taking a quick look at the company's privacy policy, I see that they comply with Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of April 27, 2016 regarding the processing of personal data. To be honest, I am calmer since other platforms do not ask for this type of data.

Free TV channels with Ahí + TV is worth it 02

It is noteworthy that they do not ask for any credit card when checking in and therefore cannot make any charges if we forget to cancel the service. After registering, I accessed from the computer using Chrome as my browser. The response was quick, I didn't have to wait long for the page to load. The general design has a great resemblance to Netflix , we have in the upper part the highlights of There + TV and they move in a carousel. Just below are the highlighted events and, if we continue in descending order we have all the channels in a horizontal position.

Below these two horizontal menus we have different categories of content and with special emphasis on cinema, as it diversifies according to genre. But they are not the only categories, the channels differentiate them into: general, regional, cinema and series, lifestyle, entertainment, children, sports and for adults. It also includes documentaries (only a few are freely available) and a channel dedicated to bullfighting.

There + TV, user experience

Free TV channels with Ahí + TV is worth it 05

There + TV generally works very well, I have not had any problems or hangs on the service during the hours that I have been using it. It is also true that my computer is connected by cable and I have 100Mb symmetric fiber. When it comes to choosing the content to watch, the menus are intuitive and that the channels are at the beginning is a success as it facilitates the experience. In addition, at the top is the access to the guide and clicking on it will show us the programming of all the channels.

Free TV channels with Ahí + TV, is it worth it?

As for the quality, this will depend on the available bandwidth. We don't have quality fees like Netflix, but we don't have 4K content either. The maximum quality is Full HD or 1,920 x 1,080 pixels, if on the contrary we have a bad internet connection, the quality will go down to HD and the minimum is SD. The only thing that I have noticed is that Ahí + TV tends to be low, having the computer connected directly to the router, I have seen myself manually changing the quality of the content.

Free TV channels with Ahí + TV, is it worth it?  one

Something that I did not expect is that Ahí + TV stored the programming of the last five days , in this way if we have missed a program, we can watch it without any problem. To test the number of screens on which this service was available I ended up connecting an Android device and a laptop. Content can only be consumed simultaneously on two devices, more than enough if we take into account that the service is free.

Free TV channels with Ahí + TV, is it worth it?  two

In general, the experience is good, the quality is more than sufficient and the variety of channels is more than solvent. But it has some drawbacks, the main one is that the channels that are not available also appear in the general menu and it is shocking, since the logical thing is that only what is available would appear. In addition, if we want to access the adult channel we have to enter the parental PIN , but this does not appear when registering or in the email that arrives once we access the service and which, by the way, is 1111.

Free TV channels with Ahí + TV, is it worth it?  3

There + TV, conclusions and assessment

Free TV channels with Ahí + TV is worth it 07

Ahí + TV is a service with an economic price and I do not see it as a competition to other streaming platforms. For me, it is more of a complement for a certain type of user: someone who spends a lot of time away from home. There is a certain nostalgic aspect to television, that security of hearing and seeing familiar faces. In addition, it has a correct operation. And, being able to see general, regional channels and the programming of the last five days is a hoot.