The 7 best monologues you can watch on Netflix

The 7 best monologues you can watch on Netflix

On Netflix you can not only watch movies, series or documentaries. You can also attend a multitude of monologues, many of them recited by true virtuosos of comedy. Monologues that have little to do with our "Comedy Club": hurtful, provocative, thoughtful and, above all, provocative. If watching any of these monologues there is nothing that bothers you ... It is that these artists of bad milk have done something wrong. Definitely.

To see the monologue, you just have to have a Netflix account and click on the corresponding title.

7 Netflix monologues you shouldn't miss

We start with a classic of the genre and something that all lovers of American comedy should see.

Richard Pryor: Live in Concert

One of the great renovators of American comedy in one of his best monologues. The promotion of this show emphasized the vulgar and offensive language of this black comedian, famous for having starred, along with Gene Wilder, in the film series "Don't yell at me, I don't see you." It is considered the most influential monologue in history, and disciples like Eddie Murphy have classified it as "the best in history."


Jokes about his public persona and about racial conflicts in a show combined with music that premiered in 1979.

Now we go with one of the most recent of another great, Louis CK

Louis CK 2017

One of the last great masters that American comedy has given. A direct heir to both Lenny Bruce and Seinfeld, Louis CK takes situational humor to levels that have never been seen before . He strips naked and opens the channel to tell us about his miseries as a divorced father. One of those comedians who laugh at everything and everyone but who do it with great intelligence. Sensitive, abstain: your sensitivity may hurt you.

Amy Schumer: The Leather Special

Amy Schumer, one of the most hated comedians of all time. It is uncomfortable, surely, because it does not say the things it should say, "a lady." Talk about sex openly , there is no related topic that Amy Schumer avoids or deals with euphemisms. That is why many men find it uncomfortable. A tremendously necessary comic.

There are the comic Asian women. And if not, ask the next stand-up comedian.

Ali Wong: Baby Cobra

Asian, tiny and very pregnant. To all the prejudices that a woman who is dedicated to humor must find , add a little motherhood and racial conflict. Ali Wong is, like Amy Schumer, an outspoken savage. To see as a couple.

Let's go now with a bit of monologues and music.

Garfunkel and Oates: trying to be special

The first special of the comedy duo Garfunkel and Oates is quite different from the rest: they introduce their own songs that alternate with jokes, forming a quite particular and delusional universe. To see something different from the rest.

We go with a brown beast from Australia.

Jim Jefferies: Freedumb

High voltage. If you tend to be offended by jokes that are a bit over the top, don't watch this monologue. Do not even think about it. Here they all get sticks. Even himself, who became famous for being punched in the middle of the show . As it is. From Australia, a beast of wrong: Jim Jefferies.

Let's go with the last of the Netflix monologues that we recommend.

Demetri Martin: Live (at The Time)

Demetri Martin is one of the whitest comedians on the list , but for that reason we should not fear that he will fall into the softness or the kitsch: hers are short, observational jokes, which also tell you about a sofa in the shape of an " ”But tiny that they tell you a joke about the mechanisms of the joke itself. Do not miss it.

With these 7 Netflix monologues