The most curious technologies you'll find in a football stadium

football stadium

The Internet of Things reaches, as can be expected, all imaginable areas of life. Smart cars, Smart TV , Smart homes , why not Smart Stadiums ? It may seem that there is not much to apply in terms of technology in a football stadium , but the truth is that technologies of all kinds are already being tested and applied in different locations around the world, designed to make the experience more comfortable for attendees and also for footballers. Stadiums such as the Amsterdam Arena in the Netherlands reached an agreement with Huawei to open an innovation center where to investigate new technologies adaptable to facilities. The FC Barcelona created a PhD Sciences Sport  with the same intention, to support technological innovation adapted to the sector. We are then talking about a reality, and now we are going to show you some examples scattered around the globe:

allianz arena

Allianz Arena in Munich, Germany

Almost 3,000 bubbles composed of a very fine plastic  around the external architecture of the stadium allow you to fully illuminate it with the colors of the German flag or that of your team, Bayern Munich . In addition, it has a  heat retention system  and they adapt depending on the external temperature, swelling to better protect from the cold.

Amsterdam ArenA

Amsterdam ArenA, The Netherlands

It was the first stadium in Europe to have a retractable roof , made up of retractable panels that allow the roof to be covered in 18 minutes , thanks to eight powerful motors . In addition, the stadium is protected by an HD surveillance system consisting of  40 SNC-RH164 high-speed dome cameras manufactured by Sony .

beijing stadium

The Beijing National Stadium- "Bird Nest"

Beijing National Stadium, China

This gigantic stadium built as if it were a bird's nest , has a system of solar panels and rainwater collection that makes the irrigation and maintenance of the field almost self-managed.

beijing stadium

Misake Park Stadium, Japan

The technology that we find in this stadium is really interesting. It consists of recording the energy produced by the feet of the attendees through panels located on the floor of the stands. Jumping, stomping, dancing… everything generates electrical energy that allows the stadium to be illuminated (in part) in a clean and sustainable way .

at & T stadium

 AT&T Stadium, Dallas, Texas

This stadium is not only used for soccer, since in the USA it is not the king of sports, it is also used for American football, but it deserves a place on our list due to its construction, with two gigantic arches that cross the entire stadium and support a dome that allows you to isolate the torrent Texas heat and maintain a cool temperature inside . In addition, the so-called Cowboy Stadium also includes a giant screen 8 meters high and 15 meters long , which crosses the pitch from one side to the other and has an adjustable height so as not to affect visibility.

These have been some examples, but the machinery of the Internet of Things is constantly in motion and we will surely soon see new and surprising innovations in the home of our favorite team .