This is how shopping at IKEA online is

ikea shopping

The visits to IKEA usually anything but pleasant. Okay, it's true: there is a group - in which I include myself - that curiously enjoys strolling through corridors and exhibitions.  The rest usually ends in arguments, tired feet or even furniture that, really, does not fit in any way in the dining room. There is, however, one step that anyone should take in an IKEA store that is not pleasant or entertaining for anyone: go find the furniture we have chosen, load the boxes in the cart and take them home. I'm not even going to talk about the endless editing sessions. Now IKEA proposes us to skip this stepand make our purchases through the Internet. Acquiring your furniture like this can be relatively simple, but you will have to do it following a few steps. This is how shopping at IKEA online is.

ikea shopping

1. The first thing you have to do is navigate. Browse the pages of IKEA as if you were in the very warehouse of the store, but without having to go around a thousand times, look for codes or end up with sore feet. As you find the items that you like or need, you will have to add them to the shopping list. Remember to include everything, because if there is something that is left out, you will not have the opportunity to add it later.

2. Next, when you have all the products on the list, you will have to choose how you want to receive them. You have three options: pick it up at an IKEA nearby , do it at a collection point or, finally, receive it directly at home.

3. Do not forget to select the store you want to order from, because the system will have to indicate whether or not there is stock available. A window will appear in which you can also indicate the number of units you want to buy of the model that interests you. If the indicator is green, you don't have to worry, because you can receive it without problems.

4. A very important step: choose when you want to receive the purchase . This is basic because you have to choose the time slot in which you know you will be home. If you plan to pick up your furniture, you can do it whenever you want, within the hours in which the store is open.


But be very careful, because depending on the area you are in , this service may pay off. Or not. You have to click on Find your nearest store to find out how much shipping will cost you. Here you will see that depending on whether you are in Zone A, Zone B, Zone C or Zone D , your equipment will have one cost or another, although the amount you have spent on the order will also influence, for ranges of up to 1,500 euros , between 1,501 and 3,000 euros and from 3,001 to 4,500 euros . Thus, it is clear that the delivery service will pay off if you plan to make a good purchase of furniture, but if you want to buy small things (a chair, some photo frames or a lamp for the living room) you better go to the physical store.

And you, have you already decided to try IKEA's new online shopping service ? Let us know how you have fared in the comments below!