How to update the Samsung Galaxy S software

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Keeping your smartphone updated is a very easy task if you put your mind to it. In fact, aware of this need, companies dedicated to mobile telephony are making it easier for their customers. In this way, we have to advance you that updating your Samsung Galaxy S is not going to be a complicated task for you . In fact, in this article we want to give you the main keys to access the update service without having the least incidence. On the one hand, you will have the option to receive the latest corrections, changes and improvements to the functions of your terminal and on the other, you will be able to update the Android operating system to future versions that Samsung will present together with Google. It is about keeping your phone updated to take advantage of all the advantages that it can offer you as a smartphone, in addition to correcting any bug or error that could jeopardize your security .

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Update your Samsung Galaxy S through FOTA. It is the most agile and simple way to update your device. FOTA is the acronym for Firmware Over The Air , or through the air, which implies the disappearance of USB cables , a detail that the most practical users will appreciate. This way, you'll receive an update anywhere, as long as your device has fully charged battery ( it is recommended that the load exceeds 50% , at least) so that the process can successfully complete and do not cause fatal errors . To start with the update you will have to unlock your Samsung Galaxy S and access the section"Applications" to select Settings> About Phone> Software Update> Check for updates .

Before starting the update, you should know that you will be able to carry out the management through a stable 3G or 4G network , although if you are at home or in the office, it would be better to connect to the available Wi-Fi network . The battery must be charged and you must have a minimum of 100MB of sufficient memory space on the device . While the update is running, you cannot remove the battery. If you have unlocked (rooted) your phone, the process cannot be carried out.

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If this option does not convince you, You have another way to update your Samsung Galaxy S . It involves connecting your phone to the computer with a USB data cable , usually included in the sales package. However, you should know that first you will have to have installed the famous Kies software , made and designed for this type of data transfer. You can download this program by following the direct link that we offer you. Once installed, you must start the software and connect the Samsung Galaxy S to the computer so that the program itself informs you about the available updates and the process to follow. In fact, Kies will offer you precise instructionsso you don't get lost in any step. Connect your phone to your computer every time you want to update.