How to search for offers and calls for public employment competitions 2017

How to search for offers and calls for public employment competitions 2017

The government has just announced a public employment offer of 20,451 positions and 7,798 promotions , which would result in a total of 28,249 positions. The former are free shift positions and the latter are for internal promotion.

Half of the places will go to the Tax Agency . The rest will be for Social Security, SEPE and the Labor Inspection. Positions have also been reserved for the DGT and for the DNI offices. More than 15,000 places will go, through ordinary decree, to the General Administration of the State, Justice and the Local Administration.

If you were waiting for a call like this, today you are in luck. Soon you will be able to make all inquiries through the web. There are different sites from which you can make inquiries about offers and calls for public employment competitions 2017 .

search for offers and competitive examinations

Offers and calls for public employment competitions 2017 on the official website of the Administration

The government does not hold competitive examinations very often. In fact, the calls are very punctual. But even so there are all references on the page of the Government Administration, within the section of Public Employment and scholarships.

Most likely, the offer of 28,249 positions for public administration that the Government has just announced will appear on the web from one moment to the next. A Royal Decree will appear that you can consult in the BOE and that will be available from this same page. As you know, this is usually published the day after approval.

In this way, you will be able to check the number of places available . And see if any of these are within your area of ​​interest.

Another interesting option, if you want to always be up-to-date with all the calls that exist, is to download the weekly bulletin regarding the calls for public employment. Here you will see all the squares that exist in Spain . But if you want more information, you can also access other interesting pages.

oppositions provinces

Other pages to find oppositions

If you access the page, you will have the opportunity to see, classified by province, all the places that exist for public employment positions. Thus, for example, if you click on Oppositions in Navarra 2017, a list will appear with all the existing places .

The only thing you will have to do next is click on the + info button or above the title of the square itself. What will appear is a list with the requirements to access said vacancy . However, as these may be different depending on the province or municipality (especially if they are local positions), you may have to go to the administration in question to fully complete the information.


There is another page, called OpoBusca, which will also be useful for searching for new positions in the public administration . It is very complete and in addition to offering you information about pending positions, it will give you access to the requirements and agendas.

In this way, you will be able to know if you meet everything required to access the square . You will also know exactly what are the subjects in which you will have to deepen. And then you will be able to acquire the necessary material for the study.

If you come to the section Testing Access , you can see which tests are required for each of the squares. Answer questions on the agenda, make a presentation, pass a physical exam, and so on.

Within the Guide and Tips section you will find everything you need to face the hard task of preparing for public exams. You can also configure alerts to receive all the information at the moment .