SuperAntiSpyware, features and how to download it


SuperAntiSpyware is a security tool that analyzes and eliminates threats from the registry, memory and drives of our computer. It is capable of detecting threats such as spyware, adware, malware, Trojans, worms, and many more . The latest available version of SuperAntiSpyware is 5.0.1136 , and the free version has some features cut . We tell you the details below and we provide you with the download link at the end of the article.

This program has a simple and easy to use interface . As soon as you open it, it shows the option to scan with options such as quick, critical point, full and custom scan . Pressing the examine button begins the analysis, unless we select the custom option , with which it is chosenwhat kind of files do we want to search and choose or exclude folders for analysis. Once finished, we can eliminate the threats . In the event that there is an element that we do not want to delete, we can classify it as trusted so that it does not appear again in the analyzes, being able to change or eliminate it later.


An interesting tool from SuperAntiSpyware is fixes . This function allows us to fix certain aspects of Windows , such as enabling the task manager or resetting the default home page in Internet Explorer , since there are malware or other threats that can continually change items like these to make it difficult to remove them. You can also fix the connection (for Windows XP ), set the computer in case it has been maliciously changed, and restore the default wallpaper .

The free version has limitations compared to the paid version . It has no real-time protection, time-scheduled scans, or automatic updates . The professional version is available for 22 euros . The Spanish translation is incomplete , being in English in several areas such as in the descriptions of the arrangements or in the quarantine section. In short, we are facing a powerful antispyware , easy to use and it has free updates , but with limitations in the free version and an incomplete translation that tarnish the overall result.

Download SuperAntiSpyware from the official website