MP3 Quality Modifier, compress your MP3 files

MP3 Quality Modifier

MP3 Quality Modifier is a free program that allows us to change the quality of MP3 files to compress them and take up less space . It allows us to make changes to the rate, frequency and channels of the song. The latest version of MP3 Quality Modifier is 2.2. We tell you the details below and we provide you with the download link at the end of the article.

MP3 Quality Modifier features an easy-to-use interface . First we will have to add the files, with the possibility of  directly adding a whole MP3 folder . In this list we can see the technical characteristics of the files, including artist, size, bitrate, mode and frequency . At the bottom we will select the type of bitrate and its rate in kbps . At a lower rate, less space but also lower quality . We can also select the mode (mono, joint stereo, stereo or dual chanels) and the sampling frequency (the higher the quality and the more space it occupies).

MP3 Quality Modifier

For those who want to do it in a simpler way, it has default settings depending on what we are looking for, from the best quality to the lowest quality . For this we select the destination folder and we give it to start . The process is fast , and when finished it shows us the results comparing them with the originals. It informs us of the initial and final size , with the difference in percent .

It also gives us the data of each song in a list, showing the percentage of change, initial and final size. If space is saved , the percentage will be on a green background , if it is larger in red . If we don't like the result, just replace with originals and they will return to their original state (in the destination folder), or delete the modified songs directly.

The songs will be saved in the destination folder we choose, although we can also select the replace option , which will directly replace the song without the possibility of undoing the changes . It is in several languages ​​( including Spanish ) and is compatible with Windows XP, Vista and 7 operating systems . In short, we are facing a very useful tool to reduce the size of MP3s quickly and easily.

Download MP3 Quality Modifier from the official website.