How to know the name of a typeface or font

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Sometimes it happens to stop creating a document through a word processing program or image retouching need to emulate a typeface very concrete. It can also happen that we really like the typeface that others have used and that we do not know very well what it is or how we can find it. It is true that we can try our luck , looking in our font gallery to see which one of them looks like, but the truth is that it is extremely difficult to get it right. And there are as many typefaces as ideas have typographers or graphic designers. If what you want is to know exactly what typeface is that you like so much, it will be better to leave luck and intuition aside to use much more reliable tools . One of the most interesting, in this sense, is the one offered by the site , specialized in fonts. Within this page there is a tool called What The Font that can help us a lot. We tell you how it works, in a few simple steps.

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1) The first thing you have to do is access the page of What The Font , a space that is within . Here is the link, to make it much easier for you. Once inside, you will have to upload the image (scanned or captured) of the source on which you are interested in knowing the title, although you can also specify the URL .

In any case, you should know that the image has to have a maximum of 50 characters , but a minimum so that the results are as accurate as possible. Ideally, 23 . The image, in turn, must weigh a maximum of 2 MB . In addition, the text must be as horizontal as possible and have sufficient separation between characters. Otherwise, the system may have trouble guessing what typeface it is.

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2) When you have uploaded the image, we will go to the second and final verification step before knowing the name of the source. Now the system will ask you to confirm, character by character, which letter it is. You will see that the equivalence of each letter will be located in the lower box, so you will have to modify it in case it is wrong. If the letter is sharp and clear you will not have the slightest problem and very soon you will be able to go to the validation key. When you finish, click on the Continue button .

3) Immediately afterwards, a total of 5 proposals (maximum) of fonts similar to the one you have contributed will appear before you . We have tested it with different documents and the truth is that the system has been successful . The image at the top is one we have uploaded for verification. We knew that it was the Myriad Pro Regular font and this is one of the solutions that the system has given us. Besides, he has also highlighted the  Rooney Sans Light , Anago Book , Informa and Informa Pro , all very similar to our original source.

If you need any of these fonts, now you know its name . You can check if you have them installed on your computer or choose to make a purchase through this site itself. The page offers you direct links to all the fonts, as well as a proposal with other fonts of the same family.

Cover photo: Relly Annett-Baker