How to search and find a job through Google


In recent days it has been news that European regulators are investigating the operation of Google's job search service. We are talking about Google for Jobs , a service that the antitrust offices have already under the magnifying glass.

What Google For Jobs does is index the job offers publications that are carried out in the different job search portals and facilitate access to them by users, but through indexing. If they want to register for an offer that they find interesting, what they have to do at the end is access the website of the service in question, register and sign up.

Have you ever used Google job search? If you have not tried it, today we will tell you how it works. Because for now, and until the regulators say otherwise, you can continue to use Google for Jobs normally to locate the job offers that may interest you the most.

How to search for a job through Google

How to search for a job through Google

The truth is that the fastest way to search and find job offers that suit your needs and circumstances is to access InfoJobs, which is the platform that contains the most offers . And that, therefore, offers us more chances of success. But what if some other interesting offer were to overlook us in this way?

1. Connect to Google to find a job

The first thing will be, logically, to access Google. We refer simply and plainly to the search engine. Here you can write the following: Google for Jobs, Jobs or Work. Although the normal results that a simple search would report appear at the bottom, you will see that Google activates a box specially dedicated to the search for offers that reads: Job offers , on a blue background.

2. Look at the box that Google has enabled to search for work

Click on it to display this box and adjust your job search. You will see that what has appeared at the beginning is a random selection of offers near the location that you have indicated in Google. But you can customize your search to make it much more useful to you.

adjust google search

3. Refine your search to find what you are looking for

The next thing is to personalize your search to find the job vacancies that may interest you the most. You can adjust the search according to the following criteria, by clicking on the settings button.

  • Category

This is where you indicate the professional category in which you want to work and therefore, you want to search for offers. You can select from any of the following: Information Technology and IT, Transportation and Logistics, Manufacturing and Warehouses, Science and Engineering, Management, Sales and Retail, Restaurants and Hospitality, Administration and Secretarial, Customer Service, Art, Fashion and Design, Accounting and finance, Construction, Health, Installation, maintenance and repair, Business operations, Cleaning and services, Legal sector, Veterinary, Education, Agriculture and outdoor work, Media, communication and writing, Energy and mining, Personal care and services, Protection Services, Advertising and Marketing, Entertainment and Travel, Human Resources, Real Estate Agencies,Social services and non-profit organizations o Sports and entertainment. If you wish, you can select several at the same time.

  • Location

It is very logical that you look for work only in a certain area. Or that, if you want to go other opportunities abroad, decide to only be interested in offers in a very specific location. You can regulate all this through the settings. Thus, you have the option to search for vacancies in different radii (2 km, 10 km, 25 km, 50 km, 300 km) or simply deactivate it. You can also indicate a specific location. You have several recommendations or, by clicking on the top bar (in which you have a location indicated right now), type another.

  • Publication date 

When you choose a publication date, you will be filtering the offers by seniority. You can choose to see the most recent ones (published between yesterday and today) or review those of this last week or month.

  • Language

In this section you can choose the language in which a job offer has been published. This can come in handy if you are looking for a company with international prospecting, since it will most likely publish the offers directly in English.

  • Type

This option will allow you to filter the offers by the type of day or contract. You can select: Full-time, Part-time, Internship, or Contractor.

  • Business

Within this tab, you can choose the name of a company that interests you. As you know, current generations are increasingly in favor of selecting - and doing it with great care - the company they want to work for. In this way, if you are looking for a job in Mercadona, it would be good if you indicated it here directly, so that only the offers available to work in this supermarket are filtered.


How to set up alerts for a job search

Once the search is done and the parameters have been added, you will have a very practical option at your fingertips, which is to save it so you don't have to repeat it on other occasions. In fact, you can even activate an email alert for each specific search . This way you will receive messages to your mailbox every time an offer of your interest is published.

Before proceeding further, move the switch located at the bottom of the list of offers (it is marked in blue) and activate the alert. Google will send them to your email promptly.


How to register for a job offer seen in Google

When you find an offer that interests you, you can do a couple of things. The first, save the offer to review it later . Click on the Save button, located in the upper right part of the offer. You can also click on the marker icon, located on the tab of each vacancy.

This offer will be saved in the Saved tab, from which you can always access, by clicking on the corresponding tab, at the top of the search engine.

If the vacancy interests you enough to register immediately, you should get to work. Click on the Apply in… button  and you will access the page where the job offer is published. It can be InfoJobs, beBee, Talent Clue, Eurofirms or any other website.

Keep in mind that you will have to have entered your CV on the page in question and from there, proceed to registration. Google does not offer users the ability to sign up from outside. The only thing the search engine does is compile the offers and organize them, regardless of whether they are published on one page or another.