Solar fan to avoid heat with the cap on


These two articles that we present to you are going to come in handy now that the hot summer heat is approaching. It is a personal fan to be incorporated into the brim of the hat and an electronic mosquito repeller . The best of the two is that they work with solar energy , thanks to some plates that they incorporate, thus we save a few euros in batteries or electric current.

The fan works directly with the energy collected by the solar panel . Although none of them are too elegant or discreet, they can be purchased in black or white . The mosquito repeller has a ring to also serve as a keychain and incorporates a clip to attach it to the belt or pants . Its battery takes three hours to fully charge just by putting it in the sun . It is capable of keeping several species of mosquitoes at bay thanks to the ultrasounds it emits and which are imperceptible to people's ears.


Both the hat fan and the mosquito repellent have a price of 10 dollars, just over 6 euros to change . Both are available at Gaiam , a site specialized in items that work with solar energy, they even sell solar panels of different sizes.

If we are thinking of going on vacation to one of those roasting places where we end up red as a shrimp, it is time to prepare and take advantage of the situation to use renewable energy.

Via: gizmag.