Samsung Blue Earth, with touch screen and solar energy recharging


Samsung is going to present an ecological mobile phone to the core at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona . So much so that the technical characteristics of this Samsung Blue Earth seem to matter less, the Korean firm has limited itself to indicating that it has a touch screen and Bluetooth connection . But of course, not all mobiles have a solar panel on the back to recharge the phone's battery .

According to Samsung , solar energy would fully recharge the Samsung Blue Earth's battery in just one hour . Of course, this method only achieves an autonomy of 24 minutes in conversation . This is not the maximum autonomy of the phone. And it is that using the plate is rather a complementary recharge , in line with what we saw with the recharging with batteries of the Philips Xenium 9 @ 9j .


In any case, there are only three days left until the Mobile World Congress begins , so we will soon get rid of doubts. In the meantime, we can continue to describe the ecological virtues of the Samsung Blue Earth . Starting with the Eco Walk function , which activates two ecological operating modes. The first is the usual automatic brightness adjustment system on the screen , so as not to waste energy when we are not using it.

The second is quite curious and striking. The Samsung Blue Earth has a motion sensor that can act as a pedometer, counting the steps we take while walking . Well, as we take steps, the terminal calculates the distance traveled and compares it with the CO 2 emissions that we would cause when traveling by car . At the end of the walk, it shows on its screen information on the total savings in emissions, in relation to the number of trees saved .


Of course, it will come with recyclable packaging . In addition, the case is made with recycled plastics (there was also a recycled phone like the Nokia Remade last year , but it was just a prototype), and its charger is designed to consume less than 0.03 watts when we leave it plugged in but without charging the phone .

To top it off, its design is inspired by a flat and rounded stone , like those found on the banks of a river. Other equipment such as DVD Zen Stone from Creative have already exploded earlier this concept. We know little else about him. Hopefully, at the Barcelona meeting, Samsung also provides data on the possibilities of this Blue Earth as a common and current telephone. Because it is not enough just to be ecological, you also have to maintain a minimum of quality in the benefits. Clearly label "green" is all a vein of marketing today . Although for ecological the tam-tam.