The best websites to download Mandalas for free

The best websites to download Mandalas for free

We live in a world that is increasingly stressful, so it is essential to know the best relaxation techniques that will help us release the stress that we accumulate in our day to day. Coloring mandalas is considered one of the most effective relaxation techniques, that is why we present you the best websites that you can use to download totally free mandala designs .

Relax painting mandalas

Mandalas are widely used in schools to teach children how to color correctly, while also serving to distract themselves and avoid the stress of being in the classroom. There are also doctors who recommend coloring mandalas to Alzheimer's patients, and psychologists who recommend them to senior executives to help them release stress.

The best websites to download Mandalas for free 1

With this we can already get an idea of ​​the great effectiveness that mandalas present when using them as a relaxation technique . From children to the elderly, as well as stressed workers, all of them can benefit from mandala coloring to relax.

Mandalas are deeply rooted in Asian popular culture, representing one of the quintessential forms of artistic expression on the continent. Thanks to this, we have a large number of designs that we can use completely free of charge.

Mandalas coloring pages

Mandalas to color is as its name suggests, a monothematic website focused on this form of Asian art. Its database has more than 200 mandala designs , which you can download for free, to print them at home and start coloring them.

Just Color

Just Color is another website where you can find more than 100 different mandala designs. You can print them directly from this website, or download them as a PDF file to be able to save them on a pendrive to a hard drive, and always have them at hand.

The best websites to download Mandalas for free 3 offers us a multitude of mandalas grouped by categories so that we can find the ones that interest us the most. Whether you are looking for mandalas to relax, focus or any other activity, you are sure to find what you need.

Mandalas coloring pages


Mandalagaba differs from the previous portals, in that it will allow us to create our own mandalas . Designing mandalas is another activity that cannot help us relax, and avoid the accumulation of stress. Of course you can print them once they are finished to color them with your favorite pencils.



Hellokids has a multitude of specific mandalas for children . You can print them all, so that your children or your students can paint them at home or in class, although you can also leave it on your computer or your tablet to your child, so that they can paint them without having to print them.

The best websites to download Mandalas for free 2

This last function can be interesting if you do not have paper or ink to print, although the effectiveness of mandalas as relaxation techniques is greatly diminished, since the child will not have to actually color, but will simply touch the screen to automatically fill the design with color. However, it can be a good way to entertain the little ones. is also a website that contains a large number of mandalas for children. His designs are very striking to please the little ones, finding animals, trains, Christmas elements, people, and much more.

What do you think of mandalas as a relaxation technique?