Songr, free and simple program to download songs


Songr is a free tool to find MP3 songs quickly and easily . The program performs the search in 16 different MP3 search engines , in addition to YouTube , from which we can play or download the songs directly from the program without advertising . The latest available version of Songr is 1.9.31 . We tell you the details and we provide you with the download link at the end of the article.

Songr is a program with a really simple interface and few options. We simply have to type the name of the song or album in the search engine and search. It will show us the search results with 8 important data with which we can sort the resulting songs. This is the name of the song , followed by the duration in minutes, the quality in Kbps, the size of the song, the score (high, medium or low), the speed , the reliability and the search engine in which it is has found the result.

Download Songr

By right-clicking on the song that best suits us, we can choose between playing it directly in our player , previewing it in the program (a small part of the song will sound in Songr), downloading it in the folder we choose or copying the URL if we want go to the page where it comes from in our browser. In the configuration options we can choose which search engines we want to use. It should be remembered that songs may be protected by copyright .

Songr has other options such as searching for complete albums , searching as “ Individual Song (automatic) ” which will search for the song with the highest quality and relevance to automatically download it , as well as the possibility of searching the name of the song by its lyrics . It is integrated with YouTube , so that we can download the video or audio by copying its link in the program. You also have direct access to music download stores . In short, we are facing a very useful and fast tool when it comes to finding songs.

Download Songr.