This is the watch of the Pokémon Pikachu of 18,000 euros

pikachu watch

Now that Pokémon is back in fashion and Pikachu is the undisputed star of hundreds of products, the watch company Romain Jerome has taken advantage of the boom to create an exclusive watch in honor of the famous Japanese character on the occasion of its 20th anniversary . The truth is that it is not available to all pockets. All those who sigh for the watch will have to settle for seeing it in a photo or pay a whopping $ 20,000, about 18,000 euros to change. Initially, the watchmaker will launch 20 exclusive pieces , in which a smiling Pikachu occupies the central part of the dial.

Romain Jerome would have joined The Pokémon Company to launch a luxury watch with Pikachu as the protagonist. Its design in black and yellow, simulating the colors of the Japanese mascot, give it a youthful appearance and very attractive to fans. The strap is made of vulcanized rubber and the appliques on the hands have been hand painted. The objective at the time of its manufacture has been to take care of the details , given the exclusivity of the product. Of course, only a very lucky few will be able to enjoy it, since its price is around $ 20,000.

pikachu watch

The Romain Jerome firm has presented three different models of watches, in which the dial does not change, but the straps do. Thus, it can be purchased with a Luna Invader Black, Luna Invader Rubber or Luna Invader Black Cloth strap . Although we have not had the luck to see it up close, you can perfectly appreciate the good finishes in each of the details. As we say, the hands have been painted by hand and in the different parts of the pieces some cavities have been added with the lightning that accompanies the mythical Pikachu . The Pokémon Sealappears right at the back of the dial, almost occupying the central part. We cannot say that it is a low quality watch, but the truth is that its price is excessive. All those who are infatuated with him, will have to pay a whopping $ 20,000 , about 18,000 euros to change.

In any case, whoever does not manage to collect so much money, already knows that they can use the Pokémon Go Plus bracelet , which does not tell the time, but which helps us to have new pokémons located wherever we are. The Go Plus is a basic accessory for every good hunter worth his salt. It gives players the possibility to use the game despite not using their mobiles. To achieve its goal, the bracelet is connected to the mobile via bluetooth. Thanks to this, the player will be informed by LEDs and a vibration of the different events of the game, for example the presence of a Pokémonaround. Players will also be able to catch new pets or perform other actions. All you have to do is press and hold a button. The price of the Go Plus is 40 euros.

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