How to program your computer to shut down, without installing any programs

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It is possible that, for some reason, we need to turn off the computer for a while after using it and when we are not physically in front of it to be able to turn it off by hand. For example, we may want to leave it on to download something and, once the download is complete, we want it to turn off so that it does not stay on all night for no reason. Well, the Windows operating system offers us the possibility to program the shutdown of the computer without using any third-party program. How? We are going to review how it would be done in the different versions of Windows .

Schedule shutdown in Windows XP


Windows XP stopped receiving support and updates on April 8, 2014. Even so, many users still think that it is the best Windows that Microsoft has made and continue to use it. If you are one of these users, you will like to know that for Windows XP the possibility of scheduling the computer shutdown is also available . To do this we will have to click on Start and then on Run , at the bottom right. In the window that opens we will write the following: shutdown -s -t [time we want to set in seconds] . Once written we will press Enter. For example, if we want the computer to shut down within an hour, we would have to type: shutdown -s -t 3600 . When you press Enter, a window will appear with a countdown that will show the time until the computer turns off. If we want to stop the countdown, we will go back to Start-Run and type: shutdown -a and press Enter .

Schedule shutdown in Windows Vista and Windows 7

Windows Vista

In Windows Vista and Windows 7 we also have available the possibility of programming the shutdown. To do this we must go to the menu Start of Windows and type the following in the search field we have at the bottom: shutdown -s -t [time we want to put you in seconds] . Then we will press Enter . We will get a window that will warn us that Windows will close in the time we have stipulated. The window is just a warning, we can close it. If we want to cancel the automatic shutdown , we will type shutdown -a and press Enter .

Schedule shutdown in Windows 8, 8.1, and Windows 10

Windows 10

Windows 8 and Windows 10 have a somewhat different desktop than old Windows . The automatic scheduling feature is also available in the latest versions of the Redmond operating system . To do this we will click on the right mouse button on the Start menu and select Run . In the window that opens, we will write the following command: shutdown -s -t [time we want to set in seconds] and press Enter. It will open a notice with a blue background that warns us that the computer will turn off after the specified time. To cancel the automatic shutdown we will do the same as in the other versions, write shutdown -a .

It is worth noting that the maximum time allowed by the Shutdown command is  315360000 seconds , that is, 10 years .