WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram down, apps not working

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It's not you, WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram have suffered a global decline . At the time of writing, none of Mark Zuckerberg's applications work in Spain and parts of the world. As is common in this type of crash, the problem affects the loading of content (publications, photos, comments ...) and the sending of messages in the different media of each application. At the moment, none of the official channels have spoken about it, so the origin of the problem is unknown.

WhatsApp does not work: Facebook and Instagram join the fall

So is. The Zuckerberg conglomerate has suffered a new fall that affects almost all Spanish users. As we can see on the Downdetector.es website, the fall seems to have been limited to Europe, India and some Latin American countries . In fact, the main point is Central Europe, with countries like Germany, Poland and Belgium.

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If we stick to the problems of the different applications, the consequences are very similar to those that were reported a few months ago. Instagram, for example, is unable to load the application feed, with a pop-up message that reads "Unable to update news . " This problem is also present when uploading Instagram stories, with a message that is practically identical to the one we just mentioned. We are also unable to comment on posts or send private messages to other users, according to recent reports.

These same problems are present on Facebook, both in the web version and in the application for Android and iOS. The loading of the feed is inoperative, as well as the publication of statuses, comments or messages in the different rooms of the application and Facebook Messenger.

As for WhatsApp, the application is unable to load new messages from conversations. As expected, the sending of messages is totally blocked, as well as the sending of any multimedia element. According to some reports, it seems that the state of the servers is slowly being restored . Unfortunately, the loading problems with Facebook and Instagram persist, as we have seen from the writing. We will update the article when there is an official announcement by the company or the service is restored.