LG OLED 2017 4K TVs, now on sale in Spain

LG OLED 4K 2017 TVs, already on sale in Spain

LG has officially unveiled its new range of OLED TVs, all with 4K resolution. They are already on sale in Spain , the same as their more affordable brothers with NanoCell LED technology. From the tremendous LG Signature W7, a 77-inch OLED and a thickness of only 2.5 millimeters. Up to the LG Super UHD (LED NanoCell) range that reaches 65 inches. And, all, compatible with HDR content in any of the highest quality video formats. Let's focus on OLEDs.

OLED: your senses notice the difference

During the presentation of the new models, LG also unveiled a study carried out by the Complutense University of Madrid . This study, conducted by the University's Center for Biomedical Technology, subjected 60 volunteers to various images. They saw them on different televisions: LG OLED and the highest range of other manufacturers (LED). All calibrated in brightness and colors and under the same lighting. And the brain's response to these visual stimuli was measured with an electroencephalogram.

The result was conclusive: in all cases, greater brain wave activity (alpha) was detected when viewing OLED. With this technology, greater attention and more perception of the visual stimulus was generated. The difference on average reached a 33 percent superiority in the case of OLED over other technologies. Even when distinguishing the type of image presented (with positive, negative or neutral emotional association), a greater emotional reaction was always perceived with OLED .

Dolby Atmos and Dolby Vision

This year's LG OLED TVs not only maintain the evolution of their predecessors, they improve in all aspects. The highest of the range, the Signature W7 model, is only 2.57 millimeters thick . It can literally stick to the wall: it is held in place by two magnets and only needs a very thin wire. And that with a 77-inch diagonal: you have to see it live to realize how impressive it is.

OLEDs, by definition (each pixel emits its light), have pure blacks. Now they also reproduce 100 percent of the DCPI-P3 spectrum, that is, 30 percent more colors than LEDs. They are flexible in terms of viewing position: in a 180-degree fan, neither color nor brightness varies. They are up to 1,000 times faster than other TVs with moving images. And they are compatible with all HDR standards, including the most demanding: Dolby Vision. Also, then, with HDR 10, HLG or HDR Technicolor.

LG OLED presentation

As for the sound, they are not far behind as they incorporate Dolby Atmos . They do it through the soundbar included in the W Signature series, optional in the others. With it they are able to generate sounds that surround us in 360 degrees, from the sides and above. LG also presented its new range of sound bars, optional as we said according to the TV ranges.

LG OLED from 2017

For this year LG has 10 OLED TV models , all equipped with Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos. In addition, the W series includes Picture on-Wall technology (super thin, can be glued to the wall) in 77 or 65 inches. The B7 and C7 ranges are Blade-Slim (ultra-thin profile to the base) in 65 or 55 inches. The E7 (65 and 55 inches) and G7 (77 and 65 inches) are Picture on-Glass (the screen is on glass). Aesthetically, you can therefore choose the preferred finish or that best fits the room. All were exposed and presented outstanding image quality.

LG OLED two ranges


The presence of the Head of Technology and Communication for Europe at the presentation of the LG OLED gives a good idea of ​​the relationship between the two companies. The people of Netflix confess themselves "fans" of OLED technology led by LG for home televisions. Thanks to the deep blacks and higher contrast, they are the perfect standard bearer for HDR. Thus, your movies and series can be enjoyed in all the splendor with which they are recorded and mastered.

LG OLED and Netflix people

LG OLED 2017 4K

B7 series55 and 65 inches (Blade Slim)
Perfect Black / Perfect Color / HDR + Dolby Vision / Dolby Atmos
C7 series55 and 65 inches (Premium Aluminum)
Perfect Black / Perfect Color / HDR + Dolby Vision / Dolby Atmos
E7 series55 and 65 inches (Picture On Glass)
Perfect Black / Perfect Color / HDR + Dolby Vision / Dolby Atmos
G7 Signature Series65 and 77 inches (Picture On Glass)
Perfect Black / Perfect Color / HDR + Dolby Vision / Dolby Atmos
W7 Signature Series65 and 77 inches (Picture On Wall, Dolby Atmos included)
Perfect Black / Perfect Color / HDR + Dolby Vision / Dolby Atmos