The 10 most amazing and hard to get fidget spinners

The 10 most amazing and hard to get fidget spinners

Each generation has its fashion toy. From the top through the yo-yo, through the blandibub, the crazy hand or the Rubik's cube. Suddenly, the stars are alienated and a game begins to be seen in the hands of all the children. And 2017 was not going to be less. Right now, the Fidget Spinner is taking the youngsters by storm. And since we assume that you already know what a Fidget Spinner is now, what you have to do is buy one. Because even if you are over thirty, you still have the soul of a child. Or you want to give one away.

That is why we have prepared a special for you that compiles the 10 most amazing and difficult to find Fidget Spinners on the Internet. We leave you with photos and a link to buy them. Don't you have your Fidget Spinner yet? And what are you waiting for?

These are the 10 most amazing fidget spinners


fidget spinner superheroes

In this Aliexpress store you can buy, for a unit price of 10 euros, up to three different models of Fidget Spinner, related to superheroes. Whether you are a Batman geek, Captain America or Iron Man, this is your place. What better to release stress than spinning our favorite logo?

The Spinner costs about 10 euros with the offer , but hurry, because its normal price is 15 euros. Who is going to have, from now on, the coolest Spinner in the schoolyard ... or in the office?

fidget spinner superheroes 2


If one day you want to go to the forest and go unnoticed while you twist and turn your toy, this is going to come in handy. You can buy it on Aliexpress at this link for about 2 euros and, of course, you have it available in green.

fidget spinner camouflage

Ink blot

This is what we have decided to call this striking and colorful Fidget Spinner, not suitable for diabetics: it is like holding the sweetest lollipop we could ever imagine. And not only that, but it glows in the dark - what a psychedelic of colors! This toy costs about 3 euros.

inkblot fidget spinner

7 ball

An odd-sized Fidget Spinner, with no less than 7 steel balls, to roll and roll with a single spin. You have it for about 2 euros on Aliexpress.

fidget spinner 7 balls

That rotate up to 6 minutes

A true past of Fidget Spinner. With a premium design, captivating and futuristic colors, they ensure that with a single turn you can spin for more than 6 minutes. A weak point? Its price. This Spinner is going to cost you 37 euros.

fidget spinner six minutes

Egyptian scroll

If you are a lover of Cleopatra Style and everything that has to do with Egypt, we believe that you are going to fall in love with this Spinner à la YA. What do you think? You have it on Amazon for about 3 euros.

egyptian fidget spinner

Rainbow effect

If one of the great attractions of playing with the Fidget Spinner is to spin them and see the colors and shapes that it reproduces, imagine what it must be to handle this. A uniquely shaped Fidget Spinner, with 6 rainbow colored arms, which when spinning leaves a light that will delight everyone. And also with a great price on Aliexpress, about 6 euros per unit.

rainbow fidget spinner

These are some of the 10 most amazing Fidget Spinners that we have come across in the Aliexpress and Amazon stores. Always remember, when buying on Aliexpress, look at the evaluation that the store has, so that you will not run out of your toy. If it has few reviews, copy and paste the description of the item that interests you and do a search on the web.