How to make the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 compatible with wireless charging

samsung galaxy note 4 01

The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 was launched in September of this year. As is tradition in Samsung , the fourth generation of this device was presented at IFA 2014 , the consumer electronics fair which is held annually in Berlin . And although the equipment has all the latest news and improvements from the Samsung laboratory , it is not compatible with Qi wireless charging technology , which allows users to charge their equipment without having to connect them to the network with cables. Despite that, the owners of this device are in luck, since the fact that it does not have support for QiIt does not mean that this model cannot end up being compatible with this advanced technology. The Samsung company has already made available to users different external covers that make the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 can be charged wirelessly.

Those that are currently for sale are two rear covers , compatible with the N910F model , although the truth is that they have not yet arrived in Spain . The first cover is what we could consider as standard, while the second has the name S View , because it has a window to reveal a part of the screen of this smartphone . In any case, we can indicate that both accessories are compatible with the Qi charging system. We hope that in the coming days or weeks they will be put on sale in our country.

Samsung Galaxy Note4 01

And is it easy to install these covers? You ask. Well actually, yes. It is as easy as removing the cover that the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 comes standard, removing the one we just bought from the package and installing it to replace the original. The cover has a clean design, without icons or operator marks, and retains the same style (in terms of texture and colors) as the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 that you are holding. The only regret is that the wireless charging system adds a bit of thickness and weight to the device . It is true that the user will notice this change, but we must also add that according to those who have tried it, this is not a serious inconvenience. The phone will not be (at all) uncomfortable when it comes tocarry it by hand or store it in any pocket . And this is excellent news, considering that thanks to this case we will have the opportunity to enjoy the comfort that any wireless charging system provides us.

At the moment, as we said, both cases are not available in the Samsung online store . We will have to wait a bit to see them. Meanwhile, you can take a look at the Galaxy Gear , the S Covers without wireless charging or the extra batteries that you can also install on your Samsung Galaxy Note 4 to maximize the autonomy of the equipment.