The iPhone 6S could arrive in pink

iPhone 6s pink

Apple held its spring event last Monday and, as expected, it was the appointment chosen to confirm the details about the launch of the Apple Watch , which will be on sale in some countries from April 24. The company also announced news in its line of computers, in which they released the new MacBook , thinner and lighter than the MacBook Air. Now that the launch of the apple watch has a date, the rumors return to focus on the next iPhone . The Wall Street Journal has published information related to the iPhone 6S , whose presentation is scheduled for the month ofseptember . The next apple phones, assuming that Apple continues to bet on offering two screen configurations, could have the Force Touch touch system , which detects the pressure exerted on the screen and allows different actions to be carried out. This would be the star function of the iPhone 6S, but it would not be the only novelty. Appe could be working on a new color for its smartphone, pink , which would add to the range of shades currently available.

iPhone 6 colors

Apple started using gold on its iPhones in 2013 , with the launch of the iPhone 5S . Since then, they have continued to include it in new iPhone models and iPads as well , along with silver and space gray models . The MacBook that they presented last Monday will also arrive in the same range of shades. If the rumor is correct, the company would be studying the possibility of including pink as the fourth color in the range . The first image, created by the PhoneArena blog , shows a recreation of thepossible look that the pink iPhone would have, although we hope it is not so flashy. The truth is that pink does not seem to fit very well in Apple's range of tones. All available colors have a smoothed matte finish , including the gold version, which gives them an elegant look . In this sense, if the company finally bets on this color, it will probably be a more discreet hue. If you look at the finishes of the Apple Watch , the Edition version with 18-karat gold dial is available in yellow and rose gold,they may be closer to this shade. In addition, the rumor ensures that Apple plans to begin mass production of some components of the iPhone 6S in May , ahead of the launch scheduled for September.

In the same way as in previous iPhone S editions , Apple is expected to maintain the same design of the current iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus , as well as the size of the screen. Apple's usual strategy is to improve the hardware in sections such as the camera or the processor and offer an exclusive function . The iPhone 4S had Siri and the iPhone 5S debuted the TouchID fingerprint sensor . If the predictions don't fail, the star feature of the iPhone 6S would be the Force Touch screen and maybe also the color.