RTVE launches a website with more than 5000 documentaries in Spanish

RTVE Spanish documentary website

The Spanish Radio and Television Corporation , RTVE , presents a new website entirely dedicated to documentaries in Spanish . We are Documentaries , the name that corresponds to this web page, compiles all the documentaries broadcast throughout history on the television channels La 1 and La 2 . In total we are talking about more than 5,000 documentaries available completely free of charge for access from computers , tablets , mobiles and even televisions connected to the Internet.

This documentary website, available under the address  www.rtve.es/alacarta/documentales/ , will receive approximately 20 weekly premieres that will be added to the 5,000 documentaries available so far. All these documentaries are organized both by theme and by program. On the one hand, the user can navigate between the different categories of the web ( News , Science and Technology , Sports , etc.) to find documentaries related to their tastes. On the other hand, there is also the option of consulting documentaries corresponding to a certain program of La 2 ( Documentos TV , La Noche Temática, Crónicas , En Portada and El Documental are the programs that are currently available on the web).

Among some of the most successful documentaries that can be found on this new website is " Buy, throw, buy ", a report that shows us to what extent we have become a consumer society, or " Case 112 ", a documentary that recounts the changes that have taken place in today's society.

RTVE Spanish documentary website

RTVE has also made available to surfers a specific address for viewing live documentaries . Through  www.rtve.es/documentales/directo/, any user can enjoy the different broadcasts of live thematic documentaries that will be made on the web. This week a 12-hour “marathon” of live documentaries related to the Goya awards was broadcast , although at the time of writing this article no real-time broadcast is available.

In addition to the multimedia content itself, the new RTVE website includes a section (specifically a blog ) for news related to new documentary premieres and information on the world of cinema in general. This blog is available through the address  blog.rtve.es/somosdocumentales/ , and it is convenient to consult it frequently if you want to keep up to date with the world of cinema and documentaries.

Seeing this news, there is no doubt that RTVE is betting heavily on new technologies. Let us also remember that a video with 4K resolution recorded precisely with the collaboration of TVE was recently presented at the Prado Museum . This video takes a virtual tour in ultra-high definition through the most important works of painting in the Madrid museum and is available for uninterrupted viewing throughout the museum's opening hours.