The best tricks to increase the space of your Gmail account for free

The best tricks to increase the space of your Gmail account for free

Google offers 15GB of free space on its Gmail email service. It is, therefore, a limited number that can run out at any time. To all this we must add that those 15 GB are shared with other services on the platform. Google Drive or Google photos among them. A reason more than enough for many users to find themselves with the problem that they have reached the available limit. Especially if they neglect their inbox or outbox without deleting messages.

If you don't want to resort to having to pay to have more space, you can always use a series of tips . It is essential to clean the mail periodically, know how to eliminate the emails that occupy the most or make use of the priority ones. In turn, you should unsubscribe from those subscriptions that do not interest you or even download those emails that you want to keep. Very attentive, because here are some tricks to increase the space of your Gmail account for free.

1. Delete the emails that occupy the most

First of all, the first thing you should do is check how much space you have available. You can do it through this link. Google will give you the information of the total space used and will encourage you to pay if you don't have too much left. 100 GB for 2 euros per month or 1 TB for 10 euros per month. But you don't want to pay at the moment. In that case, it is important that you delete those emails that occupy the most. You can do it in several ways.

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One of them is through the following command: size: 7m . You just have to put it in the search bar and immediately Gmail will show you those emails that take up the most.

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Another option is to use the Larger :, Larger_than :, Smaller: or Smaller_than: commands followed by the minimum or maximum file size you want to find to remove the relevant messages. If you want to get rid of those emails that have long just have to write: older: Year / Month / Day . In this way you will see on the screen all the stored emails that have reached you before the specified date. On the other hand, if you want to locate previous emails, use the After command: Year / month / day.

2. Download the emails you want to save

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And if you don't want to delete anything, what do you want to save? Google allows you to create a file with all the data of your products, exporting a copy. These include Gmail. To have a backup copy of all emails you just have to access the following link. Then select those Google products that you want to include in your file. It is something very simple, since you only have to customize the type and size of the file and indicate how you want it to reach you. Or by a download link in your email, from Drive, OneDrive or Dropbox.

3. Delete the most frequent notifications and subscriptions

Although they do not occupy much, it is true that when we accumulate many notifications or subscriptions they end up requiring a lot of space. To free up more space, it is best to delete those that you have already consulted. It is important that you analyze what services you use and the patterns of the emails they send. Twitter notices are typically [email protected] Those from Facebook usually arrive as @ Google+ also sends a lot of emails. To locate them you have to search @

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When you have them located, select them and send them to the trash. You will see the amount of space that you have free.

4. Delete the Gmail files according to the attached type

Another method to clear space in Gmail is to search for files by their specific type. In this way, you can get rid of those that occupy the most. For example, if you add filename: mp3 to the search bar, all those MP3 files will be displayed. Be careful when deleting because you could mistakenly delete some important song or audio. Also, if you put filename: jpg, you will access, in this case, all the images that have this format. We also recommend that you be cautious. In any case, it is a very fast and effective way to delete the emails that weigh the most.

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5. Empty the trash and spam folder regularly

Items that you usually send to the trash automatically disappear just after a month. If what you need is to recover space quickly, do not hesitate to empty it manually. To carry out this process you just have to click on the Trash folder in the left side panel . When you're inside it, click Empty Trash.

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Another option to gain more space in Gmail for free is by emptying the spam folder. Although it also deletes itself every month, we can quickly gain more storage by clicking on  Delete all spam now . This option is located at the top of the screen within the spam folder itself.

6. Don't let emails that don't interest you accumulate

Finally, the best advice is to avoid at all costs accumulating emails that you know you will not consult again or that you do not want to save. Why store unnecessary emails? They are really then more difficult to locate and erase, especially when we have a good handful of them. In this way, we encourage you that just when you have finished reading an email that you are no longer interested in, send it to the trash immediately. You will end up saving space and time.