Multi Link Screen, this is how the split screen works on Samsung Smart TVs

Multi Link Screen on Samsung

We increasingly use televisions with larger screen sizes in the house. The average of the equipment sold in the last year is already above 40 inches , and everything indicates that this figure will continue to increase during this year and the following. Thus, these large formats allow us to start playing with various functions on the same screen, such as PiB and PbP (to split the screen or view a large content and another in a small window). Samsung wants to go one step further in its high-end televisions, with the ability for the contents of each area of ​​the screen to interact with each other. Both Multi Link Quad Screen and Multi Link Dual Screenrepresent a very important advance in multitasking on the home television. We tell you all the details about these characteristics.

The fundamental difference between these functions is the number of simultaneous tasks that we can enjoy. In the case of Multi Link Dual Screen we can split the screen in two , while Multi Link Quad Screen divides the screen in four . We have been able to test this last function in one of the new curved TVs of the firm. To activate this function, we have a dedicated button on the premium remote called “M. Screen ". Once we activate it, we will see how the screen is divided into three windows. On the top left we will see the content of the TV, below the On TV panel ( Samsung's content recommender) and to the right in larger browser.

Multi Link Screen on Samsung

The great novelty of this function is that the browser automatically shows a search related to the content of the channel we are watching. Multi Link uses the internal data of each program to analyze the title and type of content displayed. In fact, this same automatic search is carried out with other applications and tools that can enter this feature. For example, we can open the YouTube platform to watch videos related to the program. The TV only plays the audio for the window that is selected with the remote.

In addition to the browser and YouTube , another option we find is to use the content of another TV channel , although this feature is more common among many top-level televisions. This option is possible thanks to the fact that Samsung's high-end models incorporate a double TV tuner to watch two channels at the same time. In addition to these options, the last feature we have is to enter the content of an app from the Samsung Apps platform.

Some of the most notorious absences is that of Twitter , Facebook or Skype , which do not fall within this function (although we can use them in split screen through other modes such as football mode ). Those that do fall within this function are applications such as the Vimeo or Vevo video platforms , the video store or even the Leroy Merlin application. The operation of Multi Link is quite agile and allows to open many possibilities when using the television. However, it seems to us that it is a platform that can still go a long way in the following years and become a benchmark in the market.