Inves Wibook 650T, the new e-reader from El Corte Inglés

inves wibook 650t 1

Christmas is approaching , and everyone has to move. El Corte Inglés cannot be less, and that is why it has just presented its new e- book player model , the Inves Wibook 650T . An attractive product, in the line of previous models of the house, and at a price that is not excessive. It costs 190 euros in any of the centers that the company has spread throughout Spain. The Inves Wibook 650T has a capacitive touch screen in electronic ink, with a diagonal of six inches , the approximate size of a paperback book.

It is an easy-to-read screen covered with an anti-reflective film that improves vision in natural light. The book comes loaded series with more than 100 titles , mostly classics but also some contemporary works and new authors . It also brings a Spanish-English and an English-Spanish dictionary . The reader is equipped with Wi-Fi access technology . With it and a local network or a citizen access point, users will be able to connect with the application corresponding to the El Corte Inglés bookstore, where there are already more than 35,000 booksavailable.

inves wibook 650t 2

It does not have 3G telephony built in, but this is not too important since it results in a longer battery life that supports the page turn up to 8000 times with a single recharge, although this is only possible if Wi-Fi is not used too much or music. He is a competent reader. It can with PDF, HTML, DOC and JPG , in addition to ePub .

Besides being easy to read , it is easy to carry . It has dimensions of 117 x 114 - 10 mm , and a weight of 190 gr . Music playback serves as an accompaniment. It does well with MP3 and WMA . By the way, so as not to hurt feelings, it has functions in Spanish, Basque, Galician, Catalan , but also in Portuguese, English, French, Italian and German to try to get a European client.