How to use your mobile to watch YouTube videos on TV

youtube tv

One of the great conveniences of having smart devices is convergence and the possibility of carrying all our content through them. A relationship that the YouTube video portalhas been able to bring mobile phones and smart televisions thanks to its application. A tool that, the linking both devices enables the user to view the video you've found on the mobile directly to the TV . Of course, as long as it is a smart device with SmartTV .

Being able to YouTube videos on the living room screen is a convenience for the user. However, not all SmartTVs have quick and intuitive controls to search for these videos on the Google platform . That is why, search or access them from the smartphone or tabletit is much more comfortable. But how to pass the link or play the video on the TV? All you need is to have a WiFi networkto the Internet where both the portable device and the TV are connected.

youtube tv

Starting from this premise, you just have to turn on the SmartTV and use your smartphone to search for a video in the YouTube application . By doing so, the user can see the Cast icon in the upper right corner. An icon that confirms that a TV is available to play the video. And it is that the link between both devices in the same WiFi network is already done automatically . With all this, all that remains is to click on this icon while the video is playing to launch the YouTube application automatically on the TV and start watching these contents on the big screen in a few seconds.

With this YouTube function, the user can share a video with a larger number of people without having to crowd the heads of all of them around the screen of a mobile phone . In addition, it is useful to be able to use the greater sound power of a television when playing music videos . Something that can be taken advantage of the playlist function . And it is possible to create these lists with different content from the same mobile, using it as a remote control to select a series of videos that are played automatically one after another.

youtube tv

For users who have some kind of problem when pairing their terminal with the television, there is a second manual connection method . Simply access the Settings menu of the YouTube application on the TV and select the Link option . This offers a code on the screen, which must be entered through the mobile YouTube application , through the Settings menu , within connected TVs . A manual and safe way to create the link to send the playback from the mobile to the TV.

An extra point that is worth noting is that, once a video is being watched on the television, the mobile phone acts as a remote control . A whole tool to advance or delay playback , as well as pause it. And not only that since, during a video, the user can search and add a new one to the playlist without having to pause the current video.

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