Fileserve and Wupload submit to pressure from Hollywood

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Last January the Internet shook after the news of the closure of Megaupload and the incarceration of its main officials in an operation carried out by the FBI . Since then, the future of direct download services is uncertain, most of them have started to take measures to avoid legal problems or even some have decided to take the definitive closure . After the Megaupload scandal, it is not surprising that those responsible for this type of website are afraid that the same thing will happen to them.

The Hollywood studios continue with his particular crusade against file - sharing sites , recently Paramount drew several of these companies as rogue sites . On the list are Fileserve and Wupload , both companies have taken drastic measures to try to get out of the situation.

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Fileserve is a well-known direct download service that gained more popularity after the closure of Megaupload. For its part, Wupload is well known by fans of the Cuevana page, which allows streaming series and movies to be watched and hosts a large part of its content on this server . Both websites are still running and users with a premium account can continue to use it to store files . But due to pressure from Hollywood studios they have been forced to block file sharing, this means thatyou will not be able to download a file that you did not upload yourself. This is the most forceful measure they have taken but it has not been the only one . For weeks, they also eliminated the rewards service that were offered to users whose files were downloaded the most, and they also did not allow the registration of new users for a long time.

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When entering the Wupload website you can see a warning about this issue where they make it clear that the possibility of sharing files has been canceled and they cover their backs saying that Wupload is not a website intended for this type of practice. In Fileserve there is no change or notice appears, however when trying to download a file it warns that it is only possible to download those that you have uploaded to your personal account . In addition, they have also begun to mass delete all the files hosted on their servers that are protected by copyright. With this maneuverFileserve and Wupload function simply as online storage services, known as "the cloud."

The shutdown of Megaupload is wreaking havoc on direct download services, but this has not stopped users from sharing files . Now there are new possibilities , although we should rather say old ones since most users have returned to the veteran P2P through programs such as Bitorrent or Emule . One thing is clear and that is that the reign of direct downloads has come to an end , at least for now. DepositFiles, MediaFire or Putlocker are also in the spotlight and it is very possible that they end up doing the same as Fileserve and Wupload .