✅ 10 free and paid VPN extensions for Google Chrome [2019]

free vpn chrome extensions

VPN networks are gradually gaining ground thanks, in part, to the growing interest of users for privacy and security on the Internet. Another variable that makes this type of network increasingly popular has to do with the possibility of simulating our location in other countries without the need for a dedicated server to access restricted content in our country . Just a few weeks ago we saw several VPN applications for mobile phones. Today we have made a compilation of up to ten VPN extensions for Google Chrome.


nordvpn chrome vpn extension

We already talked to you a few weeks ago about NordVPN. In addition, it has an application for desktop systems (Windows, Mac, Linux…) and mobile systems (Android and iOS), it has an extension for Google Chrome with the same functionalities as the original program.

Up to 60 different countries on more than 5,000 servers, IP filtering and Netflix support to watch restricted content are some of its main features. Of course, to make use of all its functions we will have to go through the box , although it has a free trial with limited capacities.


express vpn chrome vpn extension

Another of the most popular VPN extensions for Chrome in Google's browser and one of the fastest in terms of connection speed. The application in question has more than 90 countries in 160 different locations for a remote connection from anywhere on the globe.

Like NordVPN, it supports Netflix for viewing restricted content in other countries , and unsurprisingly, it has a number of features cut back unless we checkout.

Hello Free VPN

jhola vpn

As the name itself suggests, Hola Free VPN is a free VPN extension for Google Chrome. As far as functionality is concerned, it has little or nothing to do with alternatives such as uVPN, by basing its solution on proxy filters . In fact, its main advantage over other VPN extensions is its simplicity of use. Install, connect and go.

Unfortunately, it is not compatible with third party sites such as Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Prime Video or HBO . Nor does it have an excessively high number of countries to connect to remotely.

ZenMate VPN

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One of the few free VPN extensions for Google Chrome. Despite having a paid version, ZenMate offers a free monthly bandwidth of 500 MB , in such a way that we can make use of most of the app's options without paying the premium license .

With more than 30 different countries to connect remotely, it has protection against malware and filters that prevent IP address tracking .


uvpn extension chrome free

The only VPN extension for Google Chrome that is offered as “totally free”. As signed by the app's slogan, uVPN is offered as the free alternative to all other VPN options . No subscriptions or trials of use with limited features.

Among some of the advantages of uVPN we find the compatibility with third-party applications such as Spotify, Netflix, Instagram and Facebook despite its free. It also does not have ads of any type of subscription models that, ultimately, tarnish the end-use experience.

Setup VPN

setupvpn chrome

Despite being offered as "free VPN", the truth is that Setup VPN has a limited bandwidth of 1 GB per month , at least this is what the different users in the Google Chrome Store affirm.

With more than 100 locations in different countries, it offers multiple filters that protect and tape our data against possible attackers through malicious software and fraudulent WiFi networks.


dotvpn chrome

Another free VPN for Google Chrome that, unlike uVPN, has a series of features cut out in the free version of the application, such as the ability to connect anywhere in the world. In this sense, the VPN extension for Chrome only allows us to connect to three countries (France, the United States and the Netherlands) unless we acquire the paid license.

Compatible with pages such as Netflix and HBO , it has an anti spam filter that allows us to block ads by default without resorting to third-party applications.

Betternet Unlimited Free VPN Proxy

betternet chrome vpn

Along with uVPN, one of the few VPN extensions that is offered as totally free. Compatible with YouTube, Netflix and HBO , it does not present any trial period with limited functions and bandwidth.

Among some of its outstanding functions we find low-level data encryption, protection against malware and suspicious sites and the possibility of connecting to servers in any country without paying a single euro.

Free VPN

free vpn chrome

Signed by the same uVPN developers, it follows the same philosophy as its Google Chrome counterpart. Without subscriptions or advertising of any kind , Free VPN is offered as one of the few totally free VPN extensions for Chrome, although it does not have the same number of servers as other similar applications, at least in the free version.

It also has an application for Windows and Mac, as well as for iPhone and Android. As in the version for Google Chrome, we will have to acquire the premium license if we want to connect to a larger number of locations .



It is not a regular VPN extension, but rather a proxy that integrates completely seamlessly into Google Chrome . The advantages of this type of mask is that, unlike a VPN network, it does not slow down the connection speed. In contrast, the security level of proxies is much lower than that of VPN networks, as they do not have a mask to hide our IP address.

The good thing is that, like VPN networks, we can access a certain number of pages that are restricted in our country, with the exception of portals such as HBO, Netflix and YouTube. To do this, it is best to use VPN networks that do allow us to access this type of web page.