5 alternatives to Google Maps that you probably won't use

5 alternatives to Google Maps that you probably won't use

When we think of maps, we think of Google Maps . True? Google's is the map service par excellence, because we can use it both on our computer, through the desktop version, and through the mobile phone, through the applications for iOS and Android.

However, there are other map services that you can also use. Although the truth is that it is strange that, being Google Maps the best option that exists, you decide on the alternatives. Be that as it may, today we have proposed to present you the five main alternatives to Google Maps .

Our recommendation is that, if you were thinking of changing your map service, take a look at these services and, after checking how they work and verifying that you like them, take the step to change. We are aware that taking the step will cost you a lot, because you probably realize that like Google Maps there are not two. 

here maps

1. HERE Maps

HERE Maps is one of the best known alternatives to Google Maps . Why? Well, because it is a creation of Nokia and Microsoft, the search giant's strongest rival. Today, however, HERE's maps do not belong to these factories, but to BMW, Audi and Daimler AG (Mercedes).

We talk to you about this option in the first instance for a very powerful reason. And is that in recent times, some developers have been forced to pay to access Google maps. Now HERE Maps has introduced a freemium mode , with which developers will have more freedom and, what is more interesting, will save. We tell you because it would not be strange if many of them went to Here Maps and you would find more Microsoft maps along the way.

If you want to use Microsoft's maps, you can access the desktop version; Download the version for Android or download the version for iOS, if you use an iPhone or iPad. It is not a bad app at all . In fact, we would highlight some interesting advantages, for which it is surely worth trying:

  • Provides turn-by-turn navigation instructions - ideal for getting to sites comfortably
  • Displays different views on the map, such as satellite and standard, including traffic or public transport layers
  • It consists of a good number of offline maps, which you can download before heading out.
  • Includes indoor maps, useful when moving around shopping malls and other public buildings

Another of the great advantages of this system is that it is completely free, so as in Google Maps, you will not have to pay a penny to use it. 

bing maps

2. Bing Maps

It's another popular alternative, in part because it's Microsoft's official map system. It is possible that many users reject these maps automatically, but the truth is that they work very well. In addition to creating the corresponding routes and viewing the sections on the map, as a user you will also have the option of activating different options that you can also find on Google Maps . So if you decide to use Bing Maps, you won't miss them.

But let's see what these features consist of. You will be able to see the streets, get a bird's eye view, and even streetside. At this point, it should be noted, yes, that the streetside, which would be like the well-known Google Street View, is not entirely good. In large cities, its operation is correct, but things get worse as soon as you leave the big cities. In this way, you can use the streetside in Barcelona and its metropolitan area, but not outside of there. The same goes for Madrid.

Fortunately, the system does provide traffic information and cameras are flagged, although only in large cities. Hence, we cannot consider Bing as too complete a service, especially if your intention is to navigate in provincial cities or smaller towns .

It is available in a desktop version, but not in application format for iOS or Android. In any case, what you will have to do is download HERE Maps instead.

apple maps

3. Apple Maps

And we go with another great map service, in this case created by one of the world's great technology factories: Apple. We are talking, logically, of Apple Maps. The apple firm's map service is an alternative designed specifically for those users who use Apple devices. First of all, it should be noted that the system does not have a desktop version, which prevents the common user from accessing them.

In any case, we can only make use of these maps if we have a Mac or a device that works with iOS, that is, an iPhone or an iPad . At the beginning of time, the tool was presented with serious errors that made most users not even consider the possibility of using these maps. However, now the service has improved a lot and does not present major problems.

It works the same as Google maps, but it has some features that make it special, such as the ability to automatically add - and at Apple's own discretion - places of interest where you can make stops between point and point of departure. the route.

It offers you information about the place where you have parked (something that you can now also do on Google Maps) and allows you to fly over your destination on maps in three dimensions . This is the Flyover function.


4. Waze

There is another interesting service called Waze that allows users to keep up to date on any mishaps that may happen on the road. It is a navigation application, but with a social vocation, because it works thanks to the collaboration of drivers. They are the ones who report any information of interest on the ground, such as if there is a police check, if there has been an accident or if there is a new site with a better price for gasoline.

It is a good system to plan your trips , which also allows you to synchronize events in the calendar and share your routes. If you connect the tool with those of your friends, you will see that you can tell them if you have a long way to go to reach the destination where you have left.


5. Moovit

And we end up with a special and curious tool, specially designed for those who usually use public transport and believe that Google maps are not enough. Moovit is an application - although it also has its own desktop version - with which you can find the best routes to move around the city efficiently , without having to use your own car and by public transport.

The application is available in more than 2,000 cities around the world , among which you will find Barcelona and Madrid. This means that you will have access to all the information and times about the metro, bus and tram networks of the capitals. You can use it from the web, in its desktop version, or download the apps for iOS and Android.