The Aviator, handcrafted steampunk design keyboards


From the hand of the North American firm Datamancer , we get a new steampunk design keyboard . It is " The Aviator ", which imitates the aesthetics of the old typewriters , but with less conventional materials.

Each of these keyboards is handcrafted and only made to order . They also have numerous customizations , to make them a little more to our liking. However these changes will increase the price considerably.


The surrounding metal frame is made of brushed aluminum , to give it a cooler and more simple look. But if we prefer, we can choose from other finishes, such as burnished and polished aluminum , depending on whether we want a more worn or shiny appearance.


The body of the keyboard is lined with fine black plush , which gives the keyboard a softer and warmer feel. However, it also has a carbon fiber finish with a metallic look .


Instead of the LEDs that warn us when the numeric keypad or capital letters are activated, we have 3 pilots taken from old airplane cabins . We can choose if we want them illuminated by blue LEDs, or in red, yellow and green .


To connect to the computer, use a standard cable with a PS2 or USB connection, as we choose , but to accommodate the aesthetics of the keyboard, it has a cover made of fine braided steel wire .


On the other hand, Mac users have another peculiarity . And there is a model of The Aviator made especially for them. This model does not have some options such as LEDs illuminated . But instead, the keyboard uses a Matias TactilePro2 as its core .


It is a design keyboard with a very careful aesthetic. Of course, it is not suitable for all pockets, as its base price is $ 1,200, or 850 euros at the current exchange rate . But depending on the extras we choose, their price increases .

Via: Geeky Gadgets