Samsung presents its new large diagonal LED monitors

samsung ex - 2

The Korean manufacturer Samsung has just presented in our country the latest in its catalog of advertising and outdoor monitors . The EX family comes equipped with large diagonals ranging from 40 to 55 inches . They are very thin, and ecological monitors, which have reduced consumption by 40% . This has been possible thanks to the incorporation of LED lighting technology . The weight has also been reduced. The 46-inch model weighs just 15 kilos .

Although these monitors could be installed on the desktop of a user with special image needs, where they will really give their full potential is in outdoor facilities such as airports, passageways, exhibitions and museums . Given their low weight, only one operator is required to install them. They are devices that heat up little , and that can remain on for many hours without the electronics deteriorating. They have a refresh rate of 120 Hertz , and FullHD resolution . It is also possible to turn them into an all-in-one computer . They can turn advertising in public spaces into a new experience.

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