Iron Man-like armor for the US Army

IRON MAN talos 01

Talos , according to Greek mythology, was a giant bronze automaton that protected Crete from aliens, burning them. In a display of skill with the acronym, the United States Special Operations Command (SOCOM) has named a project that aims to provide its soldiers with assisted combat armor. The full name of the project can be translated as Tactical Assault Llight Operator Suit (TALOS) , and it is difficult not to associate it with the Iron Man armor after seeing the video they have posted on YouTube. This time it's not a costume.


TALOS is an advanced uniform (although it would be more correct to call it armor) that will provide its wearer with superhuman strength and bulletproof protection . His computer equipment and network connection will also provide the soldier with better knowledge of both the tactical situation and his own physical condition.

At least in theory. Although the project is totally real and its public tender can be consulted, it is unlikely to go from being a wish list, at least for now. There is still no one in the world with the capacity to manufacture it. The technical requirements start with an exoskeleton that must be, at the same time, light, resistant to impacts from high velocity projectiles and, of course, articulated. Under it, glued to the skin, should go a second layer that integrates all the necessary sensors to control temperature, heart rate, hydration level and other vital signs. Not to mention that it must also have some kind of energy supply that provides enough strength, not just to go through doors, but simply to be able to move with it. And that it will have to integrate antennas, screens and, of course, weapons of some kind. It does not seem that, with current technology, something like this can be done. At least that size.

La solución al problema del exoesqueleto podrí­a estar, como se especula desde hace algunos años, en los fluidos magnetoreológicos. Estos son fluidos “inteligentes” cuyo aspecto normal es parecido al del aceite.  Cuando se exponen a un campo magnético, su viscosidad aumenta en tan sólo unos milisegundos hasta el punto de convertirse en un sólido viscolástico (sí­, como los colchones). Aunque esta tecnologí­a es real, aún está en fase de desarrollo y pasarán años antes de que tenga alguna aplicación práctica. Al menos, en lo que respecta a la elaboración de armaduras de combate. En este ví­deo puedes ver cómo funcionan.

The idea of TALOS , of course , is not new. Armor has been used since antiquity and, although its use fell into decline after the Middle Ages, some kind of protective armor has always continued to be used. All modern combat uniforms incorporate bulletproof vests and even special pockets designed to house metal plates against shrapnel impacts and large-caliber weapons. Where they have never stopped being used have been in science fiction. "Space Troops" or "The Endless War" are just two classic examples of combat suits that, we imagine, represent the dream of the creators of TALOS. And, of course, the Marvel comics, in which also appears, as a curiosity, a creature clearly inspired by the mythological Talos: the Destroyer of Asgard.