10 awesome LEGO buildings seen on YouTube

10 awesome LEGO buildings seen on YouTube

If we ask anyone what brand of toys comes to mind without much thought, the vast majority would answer without a doubt LEGO.  It is not surprising, since, in recent years, the Danish company has managed to become one of the brands most highly valued by parents and children alike. In fact, its legion of enthusiasts has long been limited to not only the very young but also people of almost all ages.

True to their products, Lego fans have become true brand ambassadors. Something that is perfectly reflected in the ambitiousness of his creations with these tiny pieces. Many users are able to create absolutely great and admirable structures and projects . Let's see which are the most surprising.

V8 engine

A complicated construction like few others that mimics a V8 engine model. That is to say, the typical ones that usually feed trucks, large cars, as well as the sports cars of the automobile competitions.

The best thing is that all its pieces are articulated as if it were the real one. Understand us, not that it is functional, but its 32 valves and articulated pistons in cylinders move like the original. As we anticipated at the beginning, one of the works with the highest level of detail on this list.


Its creator recognized that the most difficult part of this design was not its construction itself, but the fact of joining the strings of a real cello with this replica. This work required the assembly of more than 7,000 pieces of Lego .

Its creator, Nathan Sawaya, assures that the replica is fully functional, thanks to the fact of using real strings, although he admits that it does not sound the same as a real cello. The luthiers can breathe easy.

Volvo XC90

One of the most complex constructions on a technical level. The Legoland California workers performed this feat that consists of no less than 201,000 pieces . The idea came as a joke at the expense of the park's general manager, to build an exact replica of his car, a Volvo XC90, out of Lego parts.

The replica was placed in the very parking lot where he usually parked his vehicle and what would be his surprise when he came across such a work. Seriously, it seems incredible to us.

Roller coaster

In itself, this roller coaster has a level of detail that would exceed the limits for anyone with a lack of patience. But if we add functionality to the design and construction of this colossal work, it is directly to blow your mind.

This incredible roller coaster is fully operational . And if that doesn't catch your eye, you can always be engrossed in the amount of detail and tremendous dedication that exudes from its construction. With this we can close a chapter in the history of Lego constructions.

Fully functional car

Unlike the Volvo XC90 we mentioned earlier, this vehicle is fully operational. Its creator, Raúl Oaida, needed more than 500,000 blocks to make it and it is capable of reaching 20 km / h with its 256-piston toy  engine and two  high-pressure compressed air bottles .

X-Wing from Star Wars

In case this post wasn't geek enough, here's a 1: 1 scale replica of Luke Skywalker's mythical X-Wing ship. It was built by a team of five people over four months. It measures 2 meters high and 10 meters long, and a total of 2.8 million pieces of Lego were used in it. It even includes its own R2-D2 .

The longest snake in the world

This spectacular construction was carried out in the Legoland of Malaysia and has no less than 318 meters in length . Hundreds of modules were assembled and sent by families from all over the country to form this huge snake.

Life size house

Who has never thought of building a house made entirely of Lego blocks? Well, this man we see here took his wish one step further to develop his own functional full-size Lego house . Not only is it that there are replicas of everything a house needs (kitchen, bathroom, shower,…), but everything works as if a real house were more or less. For example, the toilet and showers work with running water, as they are connected to the main supply network.

DFDS shipping company ship

This monstrous 12-meter-long construction holds the Guinness World Record for the world's largest shipbuilding made with Lego bricks . On the occasion of the 150th anniversary of the Danish shipping company DFDS, the employees wanted to pay tribute to her with the recreation of one of its flagships from Lego pieces, also of Danish origin. Everything stays at home.


Replica of the USS Intrepid

This recreation of the famous aircraft carrier measures a whopping 7 meters, and 7 were also the months necessary for its construction. If we look at the number of Lego blocks used, these add up to more than 100,000 .

It is based on one of 24 models built by the United States Navy during World War II. The most impressive thing about this recreation is its level of detail . Far from being limited to building the ship's hull, it also includes a multitude of planes and other vehicles scattered throughout the deck.

So far our review of the most ambitious LEGO sets carried out with the imagination of the brand's followers. Each and every one of them puts their creators' inventiveness to the limit. And you, don't you want to start building?