Samsung SyncMaster B2230HD, monitor and TV in 22 inches

Samsung SyncMaster B2230HD, 22-inch monitor and TV 1

It is called Samsung SyncMaster B2230HD and, in the Korean firm's catalog it appears as a 22-inch monitor , but the truth is that it is something more complete, since it incorporates a DTT tuner . All this, within an economic band . The design of the equipment is pleasant, finished in glossy black plastic , and with a frame of curved and comfortable lines . It has a small blue light that highlights the bottom, and a solid and stable foot.

We won't find old-fashioned buttons. In return, there are certain control surfaces or touch controls , but it is operated even more comfortably, thanks to the remote control . With it, the user moves through a menu that is more like a television than a monitor, with well-designed and easy-to-understand full color icons . Fans of ultra-thin monitors will find that it is somewhat thick for their taste, but other users will be delighted with its performance.

Samsung SyncMaster B2230HD, 22-inch monitor and TV 2

Since it is an inexpensive monitor , it does not have height adjustment, nor can it be placed in a vertical position instead of landscape, but it can be tilted back slightly for better viewing, and it is compatible with VESA wall mounts . The conectiividad is not bad. It incorporates two HDMI inputs . One of them will be used to connect a computer, and the other for game consoles such as satellite tuners. It has small but reliable speakers , and it works well with the Internet and video games .

It can also be used for a Blu-Ray player . For those who have older cards, there is a VGA input and a component video input . In the field of television , it can with normal channels , but also with high definition channels and has a conditional access slot for those who enjoy paying to watch television. Finally, it has a USB port that is capable of playing audio and video in MKV, MP4 and DivX among other formats.