10 funny post Christmas memes to share on WhatsApp


Farewell to Christmas, the Three Kings and feasts. The holiday season is coming to an end and it's time to get back to the usual routine. Whether you are working and you have taken a break with vacations or small bridges, or you have to go back to school or university, what was given is over. From now on, we will have to live for the next few weeks with the cold without gifts, exams or work meetings that had been postponed with the holidays. And all this with the extra load in the form of kilos that the massive consumption of polvorones has left us. To make this transit lighter, we have put together 10 of the funniest memes about the end of Christmas to share on WhatsApp in this article.

end of christmas meme

Who has not had to rehearse a face of love and happiness in front of a family member that we hate in the internal environment? Who else and who less, during these dates the idea that we should behave better with our neighbors (including the people who we would prefer to travel to another country) floats in the air . Well, the drill is over, and many of the people who have worn their best masks will again be just ... nice, for the rest of the year.

fattening christmas meme

There is no escape, it is pure mathematics. Either you have a privileged genetics, or the weight of polvorones, seafood and various feasts will go straight to the cartridge belts . And to the belly, and to the thighs, and to the arms, and to all the places where we are not interested in growing.

meme i am looking for almax

So it is normal that at this time we do an epic search after the pills that will help us have a better drink.

january gym meme

Of course there is nothing better than taking the bull by the horns and tackling the problem at its roots. Yes, it is true that in the last five years you have joined the gym and then quit, but this year will be different . At least, if you can survive the January battle with the other hundreds and hundreds of thousands of people who have thought exactly the same as you ...

roscon christmas meme

Of course, before starting the exercise we will have to finish with the remains of those feasts that are looking at us with tender eyes from the depths of the refrigerator.


Not everything related to the end of Christmas is bad ... After all, now we can differentiate things better and avoid unpleasant surprises.

post christmas sales meme

There is a real alternative to joining a gym. We have been practicing it for many years and it is an exercise that in a couple of months can remove all the extra weight that you have gained throughout a year . Yes, we are talking about the sales.

meme sales waiting

The problem is that not everyone is passionate about sales, and waiting while the couple or friends are rummaging through the clothes baskets in the stores can end up causing the polvorones to settle deep in your gut with the intention to stay there forever.

meme exams after christmas

The return of Christmas is tough. Above all, for those students who have to face the end of the semester exams . The web is full of graphic guides that show the natural passage between the pre and post exam. And, in the end, facing this test is like trying to put out a building fire ... With a bucket of water.

meme exam fire