Vips offers free WiFi for 45 minutes in their cafeterias for each drink

Vips-WiFiFrom now on, users who visit one of the Vips coffee shops will be able to enjoy 45 minutes of web browsing together with their consumption thanks to their new wireless network service . As long as they carry a device equipped with a WiFi connection , of course.

According to the popular hospitality chain , altogether totaling 100 establishments offering today WLAN access to their customers. This is an initiative carried out in collaboration with the supplier company BT in Spain .

vips_madridFor each drink , customers will have the right to 45 minutes of Internet connection . In the case of belonging to the “Club Vips” loyalty program , they will enjoy another 45 minutes . In total, they can enjoy an hour and a half of web browsing . The broadband service provided by BT is called BT Openzone . While " hotspots ", or public places where it is possible to access the Internet , are spread throughout cities , it may not be a bad alternative . By the way,To consult the situation of these places , there are pages as useful as or , although the latter is limited to Barcelona . On the other hand, there are cities that, like Bilbao, have set up free wireless Internet access points throughout the city . To make use of the Vips feature , customers must have a device with WiFi access . Most smart phones today, in addition to laptops and ultraportables , are equipped with it. Even some models of photo cameras or e-booksThey have WiFi .

So, as we said at the beginning, if someone needs to check email , visit a website, or feels the pressing need to update their Facebook status , you know that you can do it in exchange for a coffee in many of the coffee shops that the group Vips have spread throughout our country.