Pentax X-5, an advanced camera with aesthetics of something more

Pentax X5

The great fair is about photography , Photokina , and all brands have news. In this case it has been the Japanese brand Pentax . This Pentax X-5 is a bridge camera, an intermediate step between a simple compact and an SLR . It is a sector that has become very fashionable in recent times. They usually incorporate a large telephoto lens and manual controls , a way to get closer to the world of photography without leaving your wallet in the process.

However, this Pentax X-5 draws attention for some quality details . Due to its aesthetics, it recalls the best of the brand in reflex cameras . It may seem like an unimportant detail, however, for many users it can make a difference, and the presence of this camera in the hands provides a lot of security.

Pentax X5

In addition, it comes with a 26x zoom lens, which in traditional photography would be the equivalent of a 22-580mm lens. It is a great focal length, designed to try to reach the most distant details of the photos.

Unlike other cameras of this style, the Pentax X-5 seems more suitable for this type of use. When using a telephoto lens of this size, the camera loses a lot of stability, therefore, this firm and ergonomic grip to which we have referred seems especially suitable.

It has a 16 megapixel sensor, more than enough for the use that is usually made of these cameras. Fortunately, it seems that the mega-pixel war is over, in which brands were striving to give ever higher figures. To get the idea, with a sensor like this, you get photos in a resolution of 4608 x 3456 pixels. With this image size we could print a photo on high quality paper (300 dots per inch), 39 x 29 centimeters.

Pentax X5

The camera can also record video in Full HD quality. It can be very interesting to record video in high quality using this lens. However, it is likely that if we do not support the camera or use a tripod, the recording will end up quite agitated.

A signature detail of the house is the power supply. The Pentax X-5 runs on batteries, unlike the vast majority of cameras we see on the market today. In fact, Pentax is the only brand that usually includes this option in its cameras. Although it may seem like a delay to many users, the truth is that it has some advantages. It is much easier to carry spare batteries in the case than an expensive extra battery. Also, batteries can be found in any store in a pinch.

The camera is going to be available immediately, at least in the United States. The price is lower than we might believe at first: it will sell for $ 280 on the other side of the Atlantic (about 220 euros) . We still don't know when it will be available on this side of the pond or what its price will be.