Fortnite is updated with the Lapa and other novelties in the Battle Royale mode

Fortnite is updated with the Lapa and other novelties in the Battle Royale mode

Be careful. The game that everyone plays receives improvements in its latest patch. We are talking about Fortnite, and patch 3.6 that Epic Games, those responsible, have just released. It is not an update itself, but it brings many improvements, fixes and, most importantly, new features. Among them is the Lapa , a new type of grenade that will give a lot of play by being able to shoot it and hit it on our rivals.

This patch focuses on improving some aspects of Fortnite's two main modes: Battle Royale and Save the World. However, the general correction is to eliminate the possibility of linking the Twitch account , the streaming channel, and that is that there are adaptability problems that are causing havoc. Only those who have Twitch Prime can keep the account linked through the Epic Games website. Along with this, the bug that prevented metal doors from making noise when closing has been fixed. Now you will know when these doors are used near you. But there are other interesting news in the different Fortnite game modes.

What's new for Battle Royale

The game mode that is conquering the world comes loaded with news. New weapons, new fixes, and some improvements that make the experience more fun and satisfying.

First of all, we must talk about the new Lapa weapon . A grenade that sticks to the enemy after a few seconds. This is a rare weapon that can be found in Ground Loot, Supply Drops, Chests, or Supply Llamas. It takes 2.5 seconds to explode, dealing 100 points of damage to the player and 200 points to structures, although it only affects one square around the explosion. Be very careful because Lapa grenades can stick to the player or to any structure.

There are also adjustments to the minigun in this new patch. Now has 10% greater accuracy in hitting the enemy and its recoil has been reduced by another 10%. So shooting with it and hitting the target is no longer a matter of luck. Lastly, damage increased from 16/17 (Epic / Legendary) to 18/19. Something that makes this weapon a much more attractive tool.

In addition, there are improvements and changes to the Portable Fort , which will now indicate if it will be built with supports and ramp before it appears on the map. The trajectory of this element turns red if aimed too high, and the immunity from damage when falling on the tires has been removed.

Along with this there are other changes that affect crossbows and marksman rifles , and that is that the damage records of long-range projectiles have been improved. That now it is clear the damage and impact of these bullets at long range, go. And the chances of finding remote explosives in chests have also been reduced by 4%, although this may reduce the fun of the game.

Fortnite limpet

Finally, some aspects of this game mode have been corrected, such as the option to hide behind the tires of the portable fort. Additionally, rifle reloading now does not fail, nor does the campfire heal for longer than scheduled. For its part, the rocket launcher's reticle does show red even when damage is done with this weapon. Remote explosives are no longer detected through doors, and some consumables no longer exceed the maximum stack size in the game.

In terms of gameplay, Epic Games has fixed the construction on small fences, which no longer prevent creating stairs or walls, and the accuracy of the first shot is reset when ducking, standing up or changing weapons. Along with this, the members of a squad appear closer to each other on the initial island. And the health of the delivery balloons or drops has been modified, with 500 points when playing alone, 750 points of life as a couple and 1250 points in squad mode. Plus deliveries appear twice as high and fall twice as fast.

Finally, jerks or lag have been reduced when eliminating an enemy or loading the foliage of the field of play. And in the mobile version you can now add a direct fire button on the right side of the screen. All you have to do is activate the “use tap to shoot” function.

Save the world

Of course, Epic Games does not forget about the rest of Fortnite game modes. Those who have paid for Save the World mode will also find new features: weapons, upgrades and fixes .

Among the weapons is the Lapa grenade but also the Noble Launcher . This weapon can be charged in three stages for a super shot. In addition, there is now more bacon on the pitch, and the amount of energy ammo in the world and when producing it has been increased.


In the mission Recover the drone this element is less colliding, destroying the wooden structures of the Thunder Route 99 grants the corresponding wood, the difficulty pylon has a fixed cost of 2 points of fluoro-blue and Anomaly has been redesigned. Elements that will improve the experience during the games in these missions .

In terms of gameplay, the resurrection time of defenders has been reduced from 5 to 2 seconds . And the interface has been improved allowing you to zoom in on the mission selection screen, or by choosing these directly on the map. And don't panic if you no longer see the ammunition in the interface, as it has been removed because there were times when it was not displayed correctly.

Of course there are numerous bug fixes in different aspects. Rewards are no longer left outside of the mission selection screen, and hitches or lag have been removed from the transform menu. In addition, some enemies will not appear too often in the world , and the sound has been redesigned to have more energy in some expressions.

But this is just some of the most important fixes and improvements in this patch. You can review all the Fortnite changes, both in Battle Royale mode and in Save The World, on the Epic Games development blog. And be careful, because there will still be interesting news and improvements in version 4.0 of the next patch.