Fake Webcam, cheat who you want with the webcam

Fake Webcam, cheat who you want with the webcam 3

Pots to simulate the presence of humans, there are all kinds. And if not, remember Fake TV . But if you have time to waste and a special devotion to play pranks on your friends , this is for you. It is a new software called  Fake Webcam , a program to simulate that you are in front of the webcam and deceive whoever is chatting with you , with fake images.

The operation is very simple. Simply pre - record a video with anyone else or look for one right on the Internet for the joke. Then you just have to connect the webcam to chat with the victim, select the recorded video and the messaging program will show the new identity. In this way you will be able to hide your true identity, make yourself pass as a hunk or an explosive girl. Or just pretend that you are there , when in reality you are taking a nap.

Fake Webcam, cheat who you want with the webcam 3

The program is very easy to use. And the good thing is that it integrates with the most common instant messaging programs from Yahoo! and Microsoft . In the following video, you can see an example of its real operation.

To acquire your own Fake Webcam , just go to the official website of the program. There is available a trial version for 30 days . But if you finally get the hang of the program and decide on the paid version, from the same site you can manage the download, after paying 13.60 euros .